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I will meditate on the glorious splendor of Your majesty, And on Your wondrous works. Psalm 145:5

Among the many things we must talk about God, one of them is about the generous attitude of His greatness, something that has never and will never cease to exist. He is ready to make people understand and enjoy His particularity. Don’t let negativism enter your spirit. Otherwise, you will not have the courage to tell sufferers that they can be set free.

Jesus commanded His disciples to travel the world and proclaim the Good News of what He did for humanity. Whoever obeys this commandment provides the greatest benefit anyone could receive. If this person understands and listens to the divine message, faith will blossom in his heart. Then he can pray with faith and receive deliverance. God is greater than your needs and pains!

David understood that he should be the bearer of good things, of the generous attitude of the Lord, which delivers anyone out of mental prison. Sometimes she resents her peers and God, as well as being overwhelmed with sadness for not seeing anyone helping her. Now, when she realizes that she can arise from the grave in which she finds herself and be completely freed, she is filled with so much joy!

Certainly, the king of Israel was concerned with many things, such as the welfare of his people. However, he knew that he could do nothing better if he refused to speak of the sublime act of the Almighty. Perhaps, this is the biggest mistake made by the saved, who do not see how much it helps those who are taken by affliction to proclaim the work of Christ on the cross. Only those who have felt the pain of being forsaken can say how much it´s worth hearing about the greatness of the Father.

I think someone did this for the woman with a hemorrhage, whose healing account is registered in the Bible, in three of the four gospels (Matthew 9:20-22; Mark 5:25-34; Luke 8:43-48). For 12 years, she had suffered from that illness and spent everything she had with many doctors, always getting worse. However, when she was told about Jesus, she believed, went after the cure and received it!

Our mission is noble. All over the world – whether in free countries, where the preaching of the Word is free, or in nations closed to the Christian faith – there are people waiting to hear the Truth and know how they can be healed and freed from their evils. The joy cannot be greater than seeing the Almighty at work in the lives of the lost. God is faithful and true always!

The church cannot close itself between the four walls, leaving the saved to embroider the garments of the “saints”. It has to face reality, in which all sorts of evil is committed, and lead people to salvation. If it doesn´t do that, one day it will be held accountable for it´s negligence. The Lord does not change!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! Even if we lived a thousand years and had the best teachers, we would not be able to learn everything that You are and do for those who seek You. But we know that You truly love us.

In the days of Jesus on Earth, the woman with a flow of blood heard of You and went to Your Son to receive healing. So, we must talk about You and Your majesty to all people. You are glorious!

We must speak of Your splendor and Your deeds. In addition to making us happy, it makes You work wonders in the lives of those who learn about You. Your Spirit is our perfect Teacher!


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