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09/03/2021 - GOD IN WHOM WE TRUST

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Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him! Hosea 4:3

Satan is a deceiver, and he can’t fulfill his declarations because he is a liar. Jesus defined him as the father of lies. He never stood in the truth and never will (John 8:44). The words of the evil one will never come to pass, unless Christians are filled with fear and open the doors to him. Therefore, resist the devil and he will flee from you (James 4:7). God is always faithful!

Adam and Eve, the first couple, did not act well. They stopped believing in the Lord and started believing in the liar’s words. Because of that, they lost the privilege of walking with their Creator, fell in disgrace and caused humanity to die because they were separated from the Most High. This doesn’t serve as an excuse to justify our mistakes and suffering; after all, Jesus came to this world, fought the devil and stripped him from the authority he had stolen from us. So we are truly victorious!

It is necessary to watch so we won’t fall in the devil’s traps. Day and night he is seeking people around the world who will give him ears. Don’t listen to his voice and don’t be afraid of rebuking him, because his desire is to lead people to perdition. However, those who consider the Scriptures will never stumble in the obstacles set by the enemy.

The Lord doesn’t force anyone to believe in His Word. Because it’s the truth, people know that He is the only God. The devil is worth nothing. He tries to pretend he is good, but soon the truth is uncovered. By knowing the truth, it’s easy to know who’s wrong. It’s impossible to find something wrong in the Lord because He is perfect!

God challenges us to prove and see that He is good! He invites us to examine Him and find that He is the best. Those who want to know Him will see by the answers to their prayers that He is a God who blesses. Whenever you need deliverance, healing or a blessing, call out to Him. He will answer!

Instead of fighting the prophets of Baal, Elijah allowed them to ask their gods for assistance for several hours. However, obviously the false gods didn’t send fire, because they couldn’t stand before the glory of God. Christians make the evil one powerless and unable to fulfill his threats. We see the light through the Word; therefore, don’t be fooled: God is the truth!

Live in the presence of the Almighty and see that He always fulfills His promises with readiness. As soon as Elijah restored the altar to God, fire came down from heaven and burned the offerings that were there. People shouted that only the Lord is God!

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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Oh, Father! Why would we not live in Your presence and fulfill the desires of the enemy, if only You have the power to close a door so no one can open, and open a door so no one can close it? It is wonderful that You are our God and love us!

We want to show the lost that in Christ everyone can be free and successful. We can’t accept the fact that there are still people who believe in the enemy, because they have been fooled. God, rescue them!

We long to be blessed because we trust in You. Those who don’t know You will experience how good You are. Look to those who live away from Your will and moan under the yoke of the evil one. Deliver them, Lord!  


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