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Bless the Lord, O my soul! O Lord my God, You are very great: You are clothed with honor and majesty, Psalm 104:1

All of our being should praise the Lord, even knowing that while we are here, we won’t ever comprehend the greatness of His being. This is because our finite mind can’t express in a complete way how much He is glorious, good, pure and wonderful. We need to study more the Word to understand and to love our Father. One day, we will know Him as we are known by Him (1 Corinthians 13:12).

How can we describe the Lord and witness how great He is without His own help? God is beyond measures known by humanity. In eternity, we will have the exact perception of the Father – when we have a glorified body and when what was lost because of Adam’s fall is returned to us. What a joy it will be to see the glory of the One who is the light of the world!

God is covered in such splendor, that He can never be fully described, because simple human language can’t explain it. The Most High exceeds everything that the wise men of this world use to refer to His capacity, because He is the origin of all things.

Divine capacity trespasses our understanding. The truth is that only in heaven it will be possible to comprehend a little bit of the Creator’s beauty. Today, what’s important is that His name and His power are at our disposal, so we can do the same works that Jesus used to do when He was among us. To not use His name is to fail!

It is very gratifying to know that one day we will have the answers about what we can’t understand and about what distresses us. One of the secrets to overcome is to not get involved with the things of this lost world, but rather, to trust in the Father and to run away from negative thoughts, because they are harmful.

The Lord is very magnificent, and He is clothed in a mantle of light that’s incomprehensible to man. No, even knowing Him so little, we’re already amazed at His virtues. However, when we arrive in His kingdom, we’ll see how glorious He is. After the return of Jesus, we will be amazed at our loving Father!

The revelation that God is dressed in glory and majesty is a hint about ourselves, when His anointing comes upon our lives. That way, we act in His name and walk in the same way as Jesus. We also have a mantle of light that dresses us in glory and majesty, so we will pray and be heard. Amen!

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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Very magnificent God! We want to know You as You are, covered in glory and majesty, Almighty! We don’t want to take for granted who You are to us and what we can become in You. You are all we need!

Under the mantle of light, You protect us so we won’t be destroyed, but strengthened and preserved in You. One day, in heaven, in our glorified bodies, we won’t be what we are today anymore, and we will contemplate You, amazed at Your presence. You are beautiful!

You cause great admiration, even though we don’t have greater knowledge of You. But what we read in Your Word delights and ennobles us. Thank You for the understanding You give so we can flee from temptation. Thank You! Amen!


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