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So the Lord said to him, “Arise and go to the street called Straight, and inquire at the house of Judas for one called Saul of Tarsus, for behold, he is praying. Acts 9.11

Man can have a blessed life if he listens to the Lord. Being wise and Omniscient, God can give us the best advice in all areas, as long as we do His will. Certainly, He will invest nothing in those who are selfish, or who refuse to serve Him. Well, seeking to know the divine purpose and fulfilling it are attitudes that will make you someone fulfilled in everything. God always has the best!

No one can serve the Father without being on his own feet, ready to be used as He wants, obeying Him in everything. Ananias, our brother in Damascus, lived at the Lord’s feet, so the Lord spoke to him. Many times, for lack of preparation, we miss the opportunity to be instruments of the Master. Those who improve themselves in the Way accomplish great works. But those who are not interested in serving the Almighty will be forgotten! Be vigilant! 

This was the task given to Ananias: to arise to fulfill the divine plan. This would be his great chance, for he would have the privilege of healing Saul of Tarsus from the blindness he had acquired by looking at Jesus when He revealed Himself to him in a radiance of light like the Sun at noon. At God’s command, Ananias would lay hands on him to fill him with the Spirit (Acts 9.17). Imagine how happy this servant would be afterward when he heard about the works done by Paul!

Ananias received the exact address where Saul was and knew what he was doing at that moment: praying, consecrating himself, and begging for the Lord’s mercy. Ananias no longer had any doubt that the Master had not been deceived by someone pretending to be a believer, but was preparing himself for the ministry in which he would suffer much for love of Christ, standing firm until he finished his career at the last hour.

When he arrived at Judas’ house, he saw the executioner of Christians and immediately tried to give him God’s message, as well as the blessings that he was authorized to minister. God is the One who helps us in everything, who rescues us and gives us the necessary strength. With Him, man will never be ashamed but will take his place in the work that was destined for him long ago, long before the creation of all things began. The holy plan is perfect!

As you give yourself to God and evangelize the lost in front of you, what seemed unlikely will happen. In the Lord’s original design, there is a place that only you can occupy. Don’t consider yourself an intruder, or a hindrance, but rather a person called by the Almighty to fulfill His purpose. God and you will be one when you begin to live the Word. There is nothing better than serving Christ!

If Ananias refused to go to Saul, he would disappoint the Lord and would have missed His best. Now, never tell God to look for someone better prepared, because He has already equipped you for this moment and He did it when you were still an unformed substance (Psalm 139.13-16). Believe that the Father did not fail when He brought you into existance.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares


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Lord who knows everything! How can we be more useful in Your hands? That is what we would like to always be. We don't want to go backward, fail to execute Your will, and live in the everyday sameness. Use us as You have planned and spoken!

Saul was not simply a former persecutor of the church, but a valuable instrument in Your hands. That is why You had directed Ananias so that Saul would see again and be filled with Your Spirit. Who have You instructed to do the same today?

Your work cannot wither, it must grow and show itself as You want it to. Then people will be converted and become true blessings. The world will know the power of the Name of Jesus. Use us, Father!


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