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He sought God in the days of Zechariah, who had understanding in the visions of God; and as long as he sought the Lord, God made him prosper.   2 Chronicles 26:5

Uzziah had everything to succeed during his reign, for when he sought the Lord, he made him prosper. Under the ministry of Zechariah, he acted correctly; however, after succeeding, he let the presumption overtake him after the days of the prophet, and lost the great battle of life, entering the temple and burning incense. Now this could only be done by the priests.

While following the teachings and under the anointing of Zechariah, Uzziah obeyed God and was victorious. But, as is often the case after having achieved divine favor, many people find themselves powerful in doing what they want. That was the king’s sin. With this he wanted to perform one of the functions of the priests. None of the commandments can be disregarded, and this he did. As he insisted on his intention, leprosy came out on his forehead and never left him (2 Chr 26.20,21).

The saved must evangelize, but opening a church to be the leader has been the mistake of many. Now Jesus said that He would build His Church (Mt 16:18), and that He does with large or small churches. The Lord does not accept human witness or the glory of men (John 5:34; 5:41). As someone who has not been called by God to direct a work to call himself head of such an organization? Whoever does this will have problems in the judgment.

What would happen if an individual with a nursing degree, having experience in this area, decided to create a medical training school, were it its president and also the teacher of all disciplines? In Brazil, this is not possible, as there are rules that prohibit it. However, as there are no standards for church building, many begin their own work; yet in the judgment they will not be among the redeemed of God. No human institution is perfect, but the Church of Christ cannot be equated with man’s organizations because it is built by the Lord. Those who seek to have their own church do not know the danger they are in. Day by day, he will go through trials and troubles, and on the Day of reckoning, the Most High will ask him who has commanded him to create a ministry. Mercy!

Uzziah participated in many wars and overcame them, forced some nations to pay him tribute, and his fame raced, reaching the gates of Egypt. His ability to be king made his country grow, but entering the temple and burning incense was too much. The priests were brave in resisting the king, and he was stupid for doing so. With the censer in his hand and determined to break the law, leprosy struck him.

It doesn’t matter if you are important in politics, business, or the arts. Your love for the Father is not measured by your tithing and your offering delivered to His house. You must have and keep the divine commandments. Uzziah paid no attention to this. Never exceed the command of God; otherwise you will be found missing. He who does not have the Lord!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! We want to take advantage of the abundance of Your servants in our midst to learn to seek You and do Your will. We just can't do what you forbid. May we serve you with all our heart.

We have to know the mission given to us and fulfill it. No doubt, those who come to You have the needs met and go to the limit determined by You. With that, prosper and give You many glories.

We hope that the end of our mission is the same as the beginning; after all, you called us to your work. Therefore we give Thee the proper praise. Human will shall never prevail over Yours. Thank you for loving us!


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