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30/03/2021 - GOD OF PROTECTION

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You covered it with the deep as with a garment; The waters stood above the mountains. Psalms 104:6

In the Lord’s plan, in the beginning when there was nothing, He was careful enough to protect His creation from disasters that would end life on earth, surrounding it with an abyss as if it were some king of clothing, and protecting it from strange beings that would destroy the world. Every now and then, some “wise people” say that a steroid could crash against the earth and destroy everything, but that won’t happen (Matthew 24:1-34).

The order given to Adam was more than a proof of obedience; it was a warning so the devil wouldn’t take over the authority given to human beings. Without a doubt, the enemy was going to tempt him in such a seductive way that he would end up falling. Unfortunately, that’s what happened. It is sad to see that human beings are still the same. Even though they are saved and full of the Spirit, when they’re not vigilant, they fall into the enemy’s traps, who only comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10a)!

Without a doubt, temptation happened just as Scriptures say. It is not related to a sexual aspect. So much so, that sex was planned by God so that children, His heirs, would be born just as the Bible says (Psalm 127:3). The doctrine created by the wicked is not worthy of our time. Never waste your time verifying if there is a trace of truth in those who don’t have the Holy Spirit, because there isn’t!

When he sinned, man created a bridge for the devil and his demons to enter the world. Because of that, all kinds of suffering arose. Without a doubt, Adam and Eve formed the most perfect couple that ever lived on earth; however, because they listened to the enemy, they fell into temptation and died spiritually. That’s why everyone needs to hear the good news of what Jesus did on their behalf!

Here is the great news of the Gospel: we don’t need to accept sickness or other evil things that the sin in Eden brought against us; we just need to believe that Jesus undid all evil that was opening the doors to the works of the devil among us. The justification that came through the death of Christ, our Lord, happens to people as they listen to the Word and believe in it. The most important work in the world today is evangelization!

We shouldn’t preach the Gospel just to the lost ones, but also, insistently, to those who are saved. The good news that come from a far country make the heart rejoice and bring the blessings we need (Proverbs 25:25). The mistake some commit is to give ears to the doctrines created by the “fathers” of the church, and not reading in the Bible about what Jesus did for humanity. A good Christian is always fighting to save the greatest number of people.

It’s easy to understand, in the end of this verse, that the solid part of our planet was created in the beginning of everything, and later, the waters. The Lord didn’t order the dry land to be formed, but He ordered it to appear (Genesis 1:9). Everything was planned in detail by the Word of God, who is Jesus. Then, He became our Lord and Savior! 

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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God of protection! We don’t want to cross the wall, or a snake could come and bite us. We long to be under Your protection. That way, we will be guarded by You. It is good to know that You love us, just as we can and should be blessed by You!

You are a shield to those who trust in You. We can count on You in moments of weakness. That’s why we are thankful for the opportunity of knowing You as our Savior.

You thought of us in times of so many theories, which will never become science, because there isn’t a drop of truth in them. Free us from Satan’s schemes, from his voice and from his seduction. Thank You for everything, because in You, we have much more than we need!


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