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09/11/2021 - GOD REALLY LOVES US

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“Therefore, I bring charges against you again,” declares the Lord.  “And I will bring charges against your children’s children. Jeremiah 2:9

Since the Lord is a covenant God, a Fulfiller of His promises, He guaranteed that He would continue loving the Israelites and giving them other opportunities, even though He was saddened by their deviations. Covenant is a serious thing for the Most High! Having given His Word, He will fulfill it. Try to understand all that the Scriptures say about Jesus and those who believe in Him. There is much more available to us than we may think.

God knows that because of Adam’s sin, man became a prey to the enemy – who, by showing him carnal and filthy things, turned him into his servant. Those who were willing, soon afterwards, found themselves deceived by the liar. Never fall for the evil one’s talk; Jesus has already overcome him in our place, so that we may be forever free from the works of darkness. There is total freedom in God!

Why reject divine goodness, if there is only wickedness in the devil? Never trust the prince of darkness! The person who believes in the enemy – makes himself an adversary of the Lord. However, whoever trusts in the Most High becomes His friend. Jesus said: You are my friends if you do what I command (John 15.14). He never forgot Abraham, whom he called his friend (2 Chronicles 20:7; James 2:23)!

Christ drew a parallel between Himself and the devil, saying: The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full (John 10.10). Those who fall into the adversary’s hands will eat the bread of tears, for all he does is to plot evil. But those who trust in God’s mercies will never feel alone or abandoned, for He will be with them to the end (Matthew 28.20).

The divine promises hold Jacob’s children in God’s hands. Abraham confirmed them to Isaac, and Isaac to Jacob. At the end of the ages, they will convert to Christ and be the great evangelizers of the world. Whoever surrenders to Jesus becomes a child of God. No matter how hard the devil tries to strike that person, it will be in vain. It is good to be the Lord’s servant; He is the Shield to those who trust in Him!

The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house, (Haggai 2.9). This will be said of Abraham´s descendants. In the days of the Law, they saw wonders that spared them from destruction. In the last days, they will also see that they are loved by the Lord, because of the patriarchs. For God, a covenant is eternal as long as we keep our part. Love Him at all times. He is always faithful!

We are the Israel of God, but not all are Israelites. The individual who refuses to believe in the revelations that the Most High will give in the last days – will walk alone. He who does not believe in the Lord has made Him a liar (1 John 5.10). Believe in Him who is the Truth, the Life and the Way. Try to get right with Him in order to walk without stumbling over anything.


In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Beloved Father! You are good and You love us, for You plead with us by Your Spirit, who convicts us of sin, righteousness and judgment. Therefore, nothing bad will happen to us, as long as we accept to submit ourselves to You. Thank You, Lord!

We are the offspring of stubborn people, who are lazy to search the Holy Book for what can change lives and solve problems. Your action thrills us, because You insist on bringing us closer to You!

When we lack judgment, don't leave us alone. With Your love, convince us that we are doing wrong and that we must come back to You. Then we will have the peace and love, which You are always ready to give us. You never give up on Your children!


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