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30/11/2019 - GOD WILL COME MEET US

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My God of mercy shall come to meet me; God shall let me see my desire on my enemies. Psalm 59:10

God is our high Defense. The psalmist was sure that He would come out to meet him and make him see his wish fulfilled over his adversaries. Today the Lord acts in the same way, going out in favor of those who rejoice in His Word. When we hear the preaching of the Gospel — the Good News — or read the Scriptures, we rejoice when receiving divine revelation.

Receiving the Word is one of our most important and easiest acts. Just believe in the Lord and cast out the evil forces in the Name of Jesus. Once you do that, consider the work done. Although the symptoms take a while to fade, remain steadfast, for the power of the Most High will be at work. The secret is to trust!

Another key attitude is to remember that revealing God’s will is one of His means of fulfilling His promises. Whatever direction He shows, follow the teachings you receive. Thus, you will not only please the Lord, but you will also strengthen yourself. The Scripture´s directions must be obeyed with joy, faith, and determination.

Sometimes God was angry with the Israelites for their decisions, just as we do today. Now, He is the Lord and so we must give Him the right to guide us. Then we will not take actions that are harmful to us. Living in communion with the Father makes us see the light. There is no need to stumble if we can get it right.

When we remember the Almighty, we are prepared for battle. God’s ways are perfect. Just as the Spirit came upon His past servants and made them powerful to the point of defeating armies, we will be able to accomplish our mission. The Lord is with us!

Through the Bible we understand that to sin is to miss the target. Unfortunately, we still do that. Jesus’ disciples tried, but could not set free the demon-possessed boy, because they failed to do as the Master taught them (Luke 9: 38-40). In that case, the boy’s father had to go back in time and see that not keeping the commandment opened the door for the devil to attack his family. By closing it, his son was set free!

In God’s revelations, there is eternity for us to be saved. By respecting divine conditions, we are healed and set free, and we enjoy peace, prosperity, and other gifts.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father!  We know that there are ways for You to come to us, when we rejoice in Your joy and practice righteousness! May that move us through grief and temptation.

Help us to remember You when everything around us shows that there is no solution. Each of our problems are opportunities for us to do Your holy will.

Why do we sin and provoke Your wrath? In Your ways there is truth and eternity; we need to be in them remembering You. Then everything will testify how precious we are before You. We are grateful that You love us so much!


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