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that you may be sons of your Father in heaven; for He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. Matthew 5:45

One simply cannot compare the Lord with the devil. The Most High is good and merciful, and the devil is totally evil and does not know and cannot carry out one act of kindness. Even those who say they do not believe in God and live in the worst places of trickery and works of darkness, worshiping and serving the evil one, receive the help and blessing of Heaven. God will never refuse to rescue a person. Our Father is fantastic and wants to make us His children.

Our greatest goal should be to resemble the Lord, because in this way the saying would be confirmed: like Father, like son. We must use all our authority to undo the works of evil in the lives of those who afflict us and we must love them. We will be rewarded by God if we act in this way. We cannot have a sordid pleasure to smile between our teeth when we hear that something bad has happened to one who considers himself our adversary.

Many nations, closed to the Gospel, forbid the missionaries from going in. Those who try to bypass this restriction are severely punished. Without the Holy Spirit, we soon think of praying so that these persecutors will suffer the harshness of God, but the divine guidance tells us that we must bless them. We do not know why so many countries are used by the devil, but over time the Almighty will breakdown this resistance and these peoples will be saved.

We must cooperate with the Most High, proclaiming the Word with love, without giving reason to those who are against the Message of Life to speak evil of us. Thus, God will shut their mouths, and open the door of faith to them. We cannot enter the devil´s game and curse those who curse and persecute us. By blessing them, we break the evil power that binds them and we have the opportunity to see that many of those hearts will open and surrender to the Truth.

The Omnipotent God could change the movement of the Earth and the Sun. If this were to happen, those against the Christian faith would despair, for there would be no harvest or health for anyone. But He is so good that He makes His Sun shine upon all people. In this case, it is not the star, but the Sun of justice. This way, even without knowing Him as they should, these rebels are benefited. God´s sun rises up for you!

Now, Jesus mentions the rain that comes down on the just and the unjust. Of course He speaks of the natural precipitations that water the land, both the first rain – the early – and the latter, which intensifies the taste of food and makes the harvest good. However, Christ also refers to the shower of blessings, which, if not sent, the doctors of nations where He is not yet welcome will no longer find remedy to cure evils, for example.

Jesus dealt with these matters to make us children of the Father who is in Heaven. Through this affiliation, we will collaborate for the great revival that will soon sweep the world. Therefore, do not be a co-worker of Satan, aggravating the hatred of anyone who hates you, because that is what the devil wants. You must give love to those who hate you, and you will be a child of God.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of the true Sun and the true Rain! Jesus explained that there will be a time, before His second coming, that the star known as the Sun will not shine. This will affect the entire planet. However, the true Sun, that of justice, is drawing people to You.

We need to be like You: good and merciful. Thus, we will be able to snatch people out of the clutches of the evil one and bring them to salvation. Do not allow us to be like the somniferous plant, which recoils at the slightest touch. Help us to be Your imitators.

May we never grow tired of doing good! Thus, we will know you more and more, we will act as You act and love like You love. Then people will have an open heart for eternal life. Forgive us and use us as You wish. Amen!


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