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Then He tells them their work and their transgressions— That they have acted defiantly. Job 36:9

The wicked do not know what awaits them. Now, seeing them living in wickedness is an outrage to the good, merciful, and holy God. It is best never to let temptation overtake our hearts. Thus we will never do the will of the enemy. We have only one option to please the Lord: resist the devil (Jm 4.7). The evil one can propose whatever he wants, but we will refuse anything that comes from him. We are saints!

Perhaps the devil’s blow made you wonder how you would behave in error. However, without realizing it, things got tough, the doors closed, love went cold, and praying no longer gave you as much pleasure as in the past. If this happened, sin caught you, and you got away from God. Result: affliction has taken over your life.

The Most High takes pleasure in the righteous and always has it under His gaze. Thus, God can see if he has sinned. Then he has a chance to repent and be saved. The wicked go from bad to worse for not allowing the Omniscient to teach him to see his way out of his prison. Already the righteous find the solution and begin to cry out of bondage. Succeeding is a God-given gift. No matter what happened to you; He wants to exalt you. Go to Heavenly Father now!

When those who are saved stop seeking the Lord, they are easily used by the enemy in situations that can bind their hands and feet. So, even though you struggle with your own strength to break free, nothing will happen. But God will speak to you through His Word, and if you hear the teachings and use them, you will be free from oppression. Give your soul the opportunity to walk again with God. It will do you good.

The Almighty is a guiding Master, so whoever has sinned and been bound to the evil one will understand how bad his work has been, will acknowledge his mistake, confess it, and go out to the freedom that Christ has earned. In the war, many soldiers become prisoners of the rival army, but if given the chance to break free, they will seize and flee. Take this moment to get out of the captivity you are in.

There is no curse without cause (26.2). Knowing your transgression will put you out of the devil’s reach. The way out of any sad situation is Jesus. Therefore, seek the Lord and confess your mistake. After you have spoken, believe that you have been heard and thank Him for being merciful to you. There is no way for the devil to hold you, for whoever knows the Truth is set free by it.

Being tempted doesn’t mean you are a bad person or a sinner. Christ suffered all kinds of temptation and was not labeled with either of these two titles. Now, if you let temptation take over your thinking, it will go from bad to worse. Anyone who repents and accepts what God speaks is truly saved.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh master! We are assured that we will live free from the oppressions of the evil one. Our righteousness comes from Thee. Glad to know that You never take your eyes off us. Thank you for loving us and letting us know the truth.

We have been made sovereign over our lives, so we claim and use your power to do your will. Thee are and will be forever grateful, for nothing can keep us captive.

You make us know our mistakes and deliver us from the enemy. Truth gives us the power to be victorious over any evil threat. Father, for loving us, you do everything for us. Amen!


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