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05/12/2019 - GOD´S CARE TOWARDS US

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Will You restrain Yourself because of these things, O Lord? Will You hold Your peace, and afflict us very severely?  Isaiah 64:12

Sin would cause the holy cities given to the Israelites to become a desert. Similarly, lust and other works of the flesh will cause the Church to become a dry place when it should be the Lord’s garden on Earth. Why repeat their mistake if spiritual Babylon only waits for our separation from God to take us captive? Many are already there!

If we do not seek the Most High with all our heart, we will see our house, where we both felt the presence of the Father and saw the power of His working wonders, be destroyed. Then all we will do is sit and cry. Never let the heavenly flame go out in your heart. We have the example of what happened to those who marched into captivity.

Biblical warnings against carnality upon the lives of millions of God’s servants are plenty. So, the judgment of the past will also come upon the Lord’s Church today. Unfortunately, the fascination of riches, the cares of this life and the desire for other things are dominating those who do not pray or seek God according to Scripture. Mercy!

The days are wicked! The demons that led many nations to destruction, causing men and women to descend to the lowest level of filthiness, relating in a manner contrary to nature, have led millions to behave this way. In countries where the purity and power of faith in Christ once reigned, same-sex marriage is even encouraged today. Lord, mercy!

The fire of error has burned our holy and glorious house. We no longer love people as Jesus taught us. The goal now is to gather crowds in spectacles just to profit rather than see the transformation of lives by the power of God. The money replaced the touch of the Holy Spirit. If this continues, soon enough, incense will be burned to the gods of harvest, pleasure, and other demonic works. Seek the Father today!

This is the time to draw near to Him who will come as a thief to snatch His Church. Many don´t even think of going to Hell, but they will have no choice but to march into the lake of fire and brimstone. Nothing can compensate for the loss of eternal perdition. Do not look at the one who has lost his mind, but seek the Lord while you can find Him. Flee from sin!

God is holiness and also a consuming fire. Therefore, He will manifest Himself about the calamities surrounding the holy people. He will not be silent nor does He wish to afflict us. But we must turn to Him sincerely, because without repentance we will be cast out.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of the Word! We cry when hearing that many despised Your love, acting like the lost. Why would one who is saved get involved with evil if Heaven is his fate? God, Your Church needs mercy!

Let not our gatherings be for the flesh nor for sin. Help us to be free from temptation and not become servants of a people other than Yours, unaware of the festive sounds given by faith in Christ.

You shall not watch our fall silently, but You will rise up for us. The pain to be felt in perdition is not worth the sinful pleasures of the flesh. We want to be in Your arms. So come to our rescue. Amen!


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