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But you shall seek the place where the LORD your God chooses, out of all your tribes, to put His name for His dwelling place; and there you shall go. Deuteronomy 12.5

The Israelites had to seek with the Lord where they should place His Name and His dwelling. Today, this is very important for us. Just as they would find the exact location of what was physical, we will know where to find Him to make our prayers and take a stance against evil. But this will only happen if we draw close to Him.

This quest has to be done from the heart, with faith and persistence. Otherwise, God will not let such a place be found. After all, without a pure conscience, one cannot serve Him, and if he tries, the enemy will fill him with several deviations from the Truth. Then, they will wander in evil ways, and in the end will go to eternal and irreversible perdition. Be careful!

This place in Christ is ours already. In Him, we are fulfilled, we enjoy everything the Father has prepared and serve Him as He desires. When we look for something, we must do so with attention, and gradually writing in our heart, or paper, what we are ministered. Therefore, know that the Holy Spirit´s teachings – about some mistake of yours or what you need to do to get right with God – will lead you to His presence.

Believe that the Name of the Lord is where He reveals it to you. Every time you enter this spiritual position, you will be strengthened to fight the forces of evil. He who does not want to go deep into the Word and the revelations of the Holy Spirit does not know how much he loses. The Most High wants to show us many things; but as long as we don´t have the capacity, He won´t do this. 

Our dwelling must be wherever the Lord’s is. There we will find Him when we need Him. In fact, if we visit Him every day, we will be filled with missions, revelations, and relief from our burdens, and thus we will never be confused. To despise this is to despise God Himself, for this guidance came from Him; therefore, it is imperative.

King David said that he was glad to be invited to the house of the Lord (Psalm 122: 1). God’s children should act this way when they go to church. There, they should remain in reverence, open their hearts and keep communion with the One who never denies His Word nor fails to answer His servants. To go in where the heavenly Father has chosen is the certainty to solve your problems.

Spend time learning to enter the most holy place, where God will never fail to do what is necessary to give you guidance and bless you accordingly. With Him, we will never be disappointed or confused. Therefore, when you feel the Holy Spirit´s touch, go to the place and pour out your soul. Halleluiah!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! Your people would have to look for the place chosen by You, in order to place Your Name and dwelling there. We know that it is spiritual and is in Your Word, where we will find You, open our hearts and rejoice in You.

Help us to find such place, for we cannot worship or pray to You outside of it. May our concern be not to lose such privilege. When we are before You, we rejoice and are filled with knowledge and blessings.

We thank You for choosing us to be of Jesus and to be heirs of all that You have. As we think about what we will enjoy in eternity, our soul exalts! We want to love you more!


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