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19/02/2022 - GOING TILL THE END

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Then Judah went against the Canaanites who dwelt in Hebron. (Now the name of Hebron was formerly Kirjath Arba.) And they killed Sheshai, Ahiman, and Talmai. Judges 1:10

The Most High’s rebuke to Joshua caused the people of Judah, with Simeon at their side, to be ready to set out toward Hebron to conquer that city. Many times, the Lord has to shake us in order to fulfill His orders. Otherwise, we would no longer possess what belongs to us. Now, when God reveals us His will, we must follow it, for He only speaks what we really need to accomplish.

In Hebron, there was a natural obstacle that caused the fearful to flee. The place was inhabited by the descendants of Anak, the giants (Joshua 21:11). But nothing stops the faithful servant from obeying the Lord’s command to Go. Even at the risk of our lives, we must go to our limits. If necessary, we can ask for more vigor, and it will be given to us. God doesn’t have to prepare to increase our power, because He is already our capacity!

As Judah set out for Hebron, he warned the giants there that nothing would stand in his way of taking possession of what belonged to him. If they resisted, they would be hurt, and this happened. Before fulfilling the heavenly command, check whether you have enough anointing for the task. If you feel that you need more power, talk to God. But understand: it has already been given to you. The Almighty strengthens those whom He calls (1 Thessalonians 5:24)!

Sheshai, Ahiman and Talmai (Joshua 15:14) were famous for the fear they caused in people, but the Lord’s servants are bold as a lion (Proverbs 28:1). We have been clothed with strength by accepting Your call. Therefore, we must never back down or give up. That would be like giving conditions to the enemy, which is, an act of treason. To serve the Most High is to show, by works, that you believe that He is merciful in calling and using us.

What is keeping you from taking hold of the Scriptures’ statements concerning you? Never believe the devil’s threats. If you think you are not capable of accomplishing all that the Lord has determined, pray. Then, as you grow stronger, go ahead to put into practice your part of the order, for the Almighty’s part will be fulfilled. Believe and live in the Word!

The Canaanites who had Hebron as a fortress and boasted of their giants saw the courage of the Israelites. Likewise, the enemy must know and understand that the children of the Most High are like Him: intrepid and successful in battle. The devil will never defeat those who have the Invincible on their side. We are not like those who retreat to perdition. Therefore, always advance!

Judah had a mission: to take over the territory that had been handed over to him. Therefore, his men ignored the appearance of the Canaanites and their gods. The Great One was on the side of God’s people. The Almighty is near you! So why retreat? Fight to take back what is yours.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares


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God of victory! Another part of Judah's portion would be possessed, without the slightest doubt. They believed in You, so they set out for Hebron. They were certain that You were with them; therefore, they would not be defeated. We also believe that You are with us!

The giants of Hebron met the giants of faith. Everyone will see who Your servants are. That's because we will go all over the Earth to proclaim Your Word. We will never go backwards, but rather - we will take hold of what You have prepared and delivered to us!

Use us, Lord! People will know that there is God in the Church of Jesus. In Your Name, which is above every name, we will advance in the spiritual territory You have given to those who love You, and we will always overcome. To make You glorified is our greatest mission!


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