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For yet a little while and the wicked shall be no more; Indeed, you will look carefully for his place,But it shall be no more. Psalm 37:10

The importance of listening to the Lord is great, and whoever does this becomes someone who practices righteousness. The person who despises the Word mocks God, so he will not go very far. The biblical text says that in a short time the wicked will not exist. Why would anyone prefer the path of death and despise the path of life? Well, the force that works in this person comes not from God, but from Hell, which entered the world with the sin of Adam.

One of the Lord’s tips not to be disqualified is to let go of anger (Ps. 37:8). Even God’s servants, when they are betrayed, robbed, or endured, are taken by this sentiment and even retaliate. No matter what your injury; raging at your offender will never ease your pain. By taking revenge, you become evil as well.

The Bible talks about letting go of wrath, because it can hurt others. Why get angry and also do bad deeds? After that, will come the remorse and punishment of the law for your action. Why, you don’t deserve to spend even a day in jail for doing justice with your own hands. What will your attitude be?

Acting in anger proves the lack of wisdom in your heart. If you go further, you will not be satisfied. The wrongdoers who do not regret what they have done – and if they could, would do it all over again – will not go very far. Soon it will be removed by their roots. He who waits on the Lord to recover the damage suffered will inherit the earth – the promises of the Most High. So never seek revenge.

There is nothing better than having confidence in the Almighty, who acts according to His good heart. People whose faith is in God will never be ashamed and will not fail to receive the just reward for the good they do. Take Jacob’s case. He had his salary changed tenfold by his father-in-law, but God prospered him even more. Concerning Laban, Jacob said: God did not allow him to harm me (Gen. 31: 7b). The heavenly Father is the One who rewards those who seek him (Heb 11: 6)!

We must trust in God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who promised to never forsake us. His reward is 100% certain and comes to a greater extent. You are from God, but the person who caused you pain for no reason is the devil. Then initiate a spiritual action to bless it. Being oppressed by the evil one, she conducted herself in this way. Why, the enemy wants you to hate her and use her blessing potential to curse.

Who will you obey? Surely, as a servant of the Most High, you will serve Him and not those who want to tear you from the Lord’s arms. Prove your love to God and your neighbor as yourself. In pain we show who commands our lives; therefore, never accept the adversary’s suggestions and rebuke him with the Word. Your victory is certain!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of good counsel! Anger cannot overpower us, but your love. Do not let us deviate from Your ways to follow the temptations of the devil. Our goal is to praise You in all we do.

We have to live at the highest level, so we do not accept obeying the devil, but what you say. We are servants to serve, keep Your commandments, and prove that we love You. We will never accept to bow to the enemy's proposals. Use us, Father.

The indignation to do evil does not come from You, but to enter into prayer to free those who have harmed us. Teach us to act correctly. We want to be like Jacob, to whom you returned all that was stolen from him. You are beautiful!


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