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17/09/2019 - GOOD BUSINESS

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So he called ten of his servants, delivered to them ten minas, and said to them, ‘Do business till I come. Luke 19:13

Fulfill God´s calling, which should be considered a commandment, is the best we can do. In doing the work of the Creator, who loved the world so much that He give His only Son to redeem us from the hands of the devil (John 3:16), this will give us an eternal profit, never gained in any other activity. The reward will be enormous, far greater than all thoughts and desires of man, and it will never be taken away from us. Halleluiah!

The case of the ten minas, ten bags filled with gold, exemplifies the ministerial gift given by God to every Christian. We are given the mission to go throughout the world, wherever God sends us, in order to fulfill His will in fear and holiness. This concerns those who received a worldwide ministry and those who are responsible for watching over local churches and their homes. The sheep beget the lambs, the inheritance of the Lord. What is your behavior towards this?

In the example of the verse above, almost all the servants achieved more than they had been given, except one who did not give much importance to the order given by his master. When giving account, the unfaithful servant told the Master that He is a strict man, who reaps where He did not sow, and that infuriated Him. The Master replied that presumptuous man, ordering that what he had received should be taken from him, and given to the wise men. It’s good to take this warning seriously!

The command is for us to negotiate until He returns, but whoever does not have the vision of the Kingdom of God will choose rebellion, for they don´t want the Lord reigning over them. The rebellious find it better to treat the work as a religious thing, which gives them power and other desires, rather than dealing with people´s salvation. Thus, they choose to annoy the Lord. The act of sending an ambassador is evident in the procedures these rebels assume in the councils to justify themselves.

After recapturing the kingdom, the king will come back and demand accountability. Those who receive resources and double the capital will be praised, and then, comparing with the kingdoms of the Earth, will receive cities to govern. It is worth remembering that this will happen in the spiritual realm. Anyone who is not wise and fails to use the resources to expand the Kingdom of Heaven will be called a wicked servant, judged by his mouth, and even what they have will be taken away.

It is important to be among those who will be praised for having negotiated in favor of the Kingdom of God. However, anyone who is negligent, by disrespecting divine order, will be disappointed by their own decisions. It is necessary to obey God and use the resources that you received, for the King will know how to reward each one according to their works (Romans 2:6). Have you been engaged in negotiating with the minas entrusted to you? The Lord is just and faithful!

The Day of reckoning is coming, and Jesus’ return will be of sorrow for those who do not know, or do not want, to expand the Most High´s Kingdom. It will be a moment of suffering and despair. Try to live in such a way as not to be ashamed when Christ returns. Understand: by doing this, nothing will separate you from God´s love.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Our eternal King! We must make our way right with Yours, for Your orders to be fully fulfilled and for us not to be cast into eternal suffering. May Your children not be surprised when You return!

Why not expand Your Kingdom? The day will come when we will have to stand before You and be held accountable of what we did with what we were entrusted. Why not live our life with Your holy will?

We do not want to be ashamed or disappointed with our lack of faithfulness and love. Our attitudes will be shown when we are before You. What matters is our statement on the Day of Reckoning. We want to honor You!


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