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I will bless the Lord who has given me counsel; My heart also instructs me in the night seasons.   Psalm 16:7

There will never be one counsel from God that we will lament having received one day.  Those who ignore His recommendations will taste the bitterness of failure in their endeavor.  It is essential to give ears to the Lord, after all His heart provides love and good measures.  His servants must understand: there is more to God than they have seen or experienced.  The Almighty is unfathomable in all His deeds.  Halleluiah!

When God advises us, He speaks the truth.  Then if we do not take the necessary steps, we will know the cost to be paid.  The fools practice what is condemnable by the Lord, but He in His patience and long suffering uses His mercy and thus people are spared from destruction while they are in sin.  Without repentance from their misdeeds, they will lose the chance to obtain salvation and will be eternally condemned.

Counseling us, the Almighty shows us the best direction.  Therefore we have to thank Him and take a firm stand against evil.  Those who obey and follow the Word, when facing the storm, also unite themselves to the millions of people that are thankful and grateful to the heavenly Father for His teachings that are performed day and night. It is good to hear them and to take them to heart!

During our time of preparation, even our heart teaches us during the night, according to the verse so that we do not fall into temptation. If not God’s confidence in us will diminish and we will be unable to free ourselves from the works of the devil, and even suffer great loss and suffering.  Alas, we must pay attention to Him who wants our well-being.  Keep the Creator continuously before you!

Train your spirit to trust in the Lord, accepting and having him as your Lord and Savior, and you will see how much He wants to do in your favor.  When the Almighty is invited to take this position, the life of this person who receives Him changes drastically and this person becomes bold.  Surrender to Jesus!  Allowing the Omniscient God to be your Lord is the best and wisest decision.

Be an instrument in the hands of Him who created all things with a powerful and simple perfection that cannot be imitated by any man.  Then your heart will be good and joyful and you will never stumble again.  Even your own flesh, in the day to day battles that are very turbulent will rest assured.  The Lord always shelters and aids those who love Him with their hearts.  Do that which is good!

Every human being possesses a glory which is given by God (John 17:22).  When he takes up faith in Jesus and is taught by the Almighty, this glory rejoices, for everything around that person is transformed into peace, and the good opportunities arise. Then you must give due praise to God.  This way, even your heart will teach you at night.  This is the way with Jesus!

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, worthy of our praise! We want to know You better and more, because everything about You is wonderful. You reward those who chose You as God.  You are in command of our lives, and this frees us from disappointments and defeats. 

We want to keep You constantly before us. Then a simple look from Your eyes will direct us with assurance.  We need Your love and Your blessed grace! Difficult times will come but we will live them out with our heads held high.

With You at our right hand, we will march steadily.  We must never turn our backs to You, turning away from the Rock where we have laid the foundations for our development.  We are grateful for bringing joy to our heart. Glory be unto You!


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