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Do good, O Lord, to those who are good, And to those who are upright in their hearts.  Psalm 125:4

The preaching of the Gospel throughout the world, as Jesus commanded, is the greatest help given by God´s servants to the suffering. Thus they know the Truth and are freed from oppression. The main one among these is spiritual imprisonment because of sins. When man takes the first step towards the new birth, he begins to improve.

The Most High does not want anyone reaching out to iniquity. Our transgressions were placed upon the Son of God, and He suffered them at once (Isaiah 53:4,5). Therefore, to get rid of heavy conscience, one must repent of his sins and turn from his evil ways. The former servant of the enemy breaks away from his former master and becomes someone special.

In a simple but powerful act, man accepts Christ as Savior and Lord of his life, and the enemy loses the ability to keep this person under his authority, because the Truth sets him free (John 8:32). It is almost impossible for man to recover someone who was deceived by the devil and uses drugs and prostitutes himself in the most horrendous ways.

The good asked by the psalmist is the release of the captives. If this does not happen by faith, the likelihood of a return to sin is great and, one might say, almost impossible. But those who emancipate themselves because of the Word can easily reach fullness; they just have to persevere in the Christian journey.

It is difficult to convince an arrogant person who has not met Christ or surrendered to Him to break free from evil oppressions. The devil hates losing those who serve him, so he fights to keep his slave under his clutches. However, whoever receives Jesus into their heart and are set free by him will never again be caught by the tempter.

The Almighty begins to do good to a person when they listen to the Message of the Cross and believe that the Savior died in their place. Then you can see improvements in their life. Then, by assuming the Scriptures, this person is prepared to give the devil the right answer – their new way of life. When they follow the teachings of the Scriptures, they become fit to live the change brought about by faith in Christ.

The newly converted, the born-again, must be under the shepherding of a good congregation, not of man. Thus, through the preaching of the Word in the church, they begin to know their rights in Christ and become free from the forces of evil whose primary mission is to lead them back to captivity. When  knowing the Truth, this person is set free. Everything with Jesus becomes easy!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God who does good! We cannot compare what we live and receive in salvation with what we had before. In the past, it was only torment in all areas of life, and we were forced to fulfill the devil's will.

Now we are free! You do the best for yours all the time. We live without giving the evil one the chance to have us in his clutches, because we enjoy Your wonderful life and, filled with the Spirit, we become free.

We want to grow in grace and knowledge of the Word, to appreciate Your wonderful presence, and rejoice Your heart. May Your grace and favor be upon us! Then we will give You all praise. Halleluiah!


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