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And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you, because you obey the voice of the Lord your God: Deuteronomy 28:2

More accurate than the guided missiles produced by developed nations – which travel at the speed of sound – are the blessings of the Almighty for those who obey Him. They arrive so quickly, that there speed cannot be measured.  As the conditions of the Bible are laid down, the beneficiary receives the blessings of God in their life.  The key to be blessed is to hear attentively the Word and to believe in it.  The Lord is faithful!

The problem of man today is to want to transmit knowledge concerning religion to others, without believing correctly in the Father.  Due to this, living out of the revelations of the Scriptures and having undue interest in other religious doctrines, he teaches fear and unbelief. However, when someone has the grace to receive the real instruction of the Gospel, he is able to walk in faith and be blessed. 

In those days that this promise was made, the world economy consisted of agriculture, husbandry, house construction, clothing and shoe manufacturing, crafts and other such activities.  However some prospered with bountiful crops, others possessed great herds of animals, like with Abraham and Lot.  Because they had become sufficiently rich their livestock could not remain together.  They were the proof of divine blessing!

Certainly some people did not believe in what the Word said concerning tithes and offerings.  But Jacob proved that this was the way to become successful. He had his salary altered ten times by his father-in-law, but prospered extraordinarily, although his brothers-in-law envied and accused him falsely.  Those who are faithful in their holy precepts are loved by God and experience true miracles.  Be sure that it will always be best to be with Jesus.  Halleluiah!

The Lord promises we will harvest and reap thirty, sixty and one hundred to one (Mark 4:20).  Isaac, the son that Sarah gave to Abraham, planted in Gerar and reaped one hundred times more (Genesis 26:12).  This blessing of his caught the attention of the king of the Philistine, who proposed him a deal.  Your prosperity must be the same.  If you followed the ways of the Lord, the enemy will not prevent you from prospering.

It is necessary to understand that the Christian does not have to live in shambles, moving back and forth, because the blessing will reach him wherever he may be – in the field, or in the city.  His activity must produce more than those who do not believe in the Lord.  The believers in the Almighty have to do His will, trusting that God will not abandon in any way, and be faithful in rewarding according to His promise.

Our problem is not in the economic crises but in our faith which is not pure, because it did not come from the Bible exclusively.  Forget human concepts, disregard your own ideas and return to the heavenly Father completely.  You have to know what the lost do; you will not be fooled and will live your faith in God like Jesus did. 

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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God! Your wisdom and knowledge is far superior to any that man has developed, for You are perfect and all things are made in You with Your help and for You.  Therefore, we are here to thank You.

In the fields, in agriculture and husbandry as in other realms of business, Your hand will lead us, so that in a pure, holy and honest way we will have the pleasure of seeing You multiply the results or fruits of our efforts.  We praise You!

In the city, people will recognize that You are healing us.  The key is to recognize you as God and Lord.  That our hands may be well trained to do Your wonderful work, where You have placed us.  Amen!


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