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Therefore lay aside all filthiness and overflow of wickedness, and receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls.    James 1:21

After accepting Jesus as Savior, if we do not lose ourselves in the vile things of this world, we will enter the portals of Glory triumphantly. However, James is used to tell us about bad things to be avoided, to be approved on the Day of the Lord’s return, to enter Heaven and stand by Him. Why swim and die on the shore?

Although He promised and guaranteed our salvation, Christ said that only who endures to the end will be saved (Matt. 24:13). Many people say, “You will never lose your salvation,” but that statement did not come from the Master, so it is not worthy of attention. James, the brother of Jesus, tells us that we must reject all filthiness as part of preparing for salvation. Why did he speak that way? Because it was a warning, from the Holy Spirit, about the danger that is surrounding us.

There are various types of filthiness around the world, but the main one is spiritual, which can be considered the “mother” of all. Of course, anyone who does any such act is under the enemy’s domain. Some advocate that we must know all things deeply; But this advice comes from the devil, and the person who accepts it submits to his temptations. If one wants to live well, one must get rid of sin.

God’s guidance is to reject all filthiness. One of the signs that a person has no fear of God is their attachment to things forbidden by the Word. Those who respect the Scriptures feel utterly ill when they think of seeing or practicing aberrations, for sadness soon pervades their hearts, and this can be accepted as the divine witness that it is not good to bind such a person to the kingdom of darkness.

The accumulation of malice is also a tool used by the enemy. Over time, the individual begins to distrust everyone. When you meet someone, you also declare that you do not trust them. No doubt, with a heart full of malice, such person is empty of God and will soon be doing what the devil desires. We must reject the works of hell. Get rid of  all evil!

After you have got rid of filth and malice, you can receive with meekness the Word that God has for you. It comes just in time to work for your deliverance, bringing you to a very different spiritual level from the works of the flesh, where you will experience the Father’s pleasant, good, and perfect will. It is worth obeying Him! In this way your life will be transformed by the Holy Spirit, who will take you out of the bonds of the devil.

The Word received with meekness can save your soul as long as you believe. Everything that comes from God must be received in faith, in order to work in us what He claims to be long to us. He who is led down by unbelief and gives no credence to the Bible will not obtain the greatest blessing: the salvation of the soul.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Sanctifying God! Help us to get rid of filth, to experience Your pleasant, good and perfect will. In addition, we want to get rid of the accumulation of malice. Thus our soul will be pure and perfect before You for Your praise.

Why would we allow filth and malice in our lives if we want to get rid of the devil and come to you, Lord? Because we are Your servants, we reject the wiles of the evil one and all that may defile us and prevent us from enjoying the good.

Teach us to receive Your Word with meekness, which will guide us to live near You. Thus, our soul will be saved. Thank you for your made in us! Amen!


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