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Why does this Man speak blasphemies like this? Who can forgive sins but God alone?” Mark 2.7

The scribes in the house where Jesus ministered the Word in Capernaum knew He was Jehovah, who had made the Covenant with Abraham. Nevertheless, because they did not surrender to the Truth, they let themselves be led by the lie and sinned in a serious way, with consequences that will last forever. Now, when the Master opened his mouth to declare that that man was forgiven, Truth was revealed. This still happens today!

Any judgment has to take place under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and with complete exemption from human will; otherwise, you will be vicious. In fact, the Lord taught us to never judge in order not to be judged (Luke 6:37). Undoubtedly, He said this because we are never free from prejudice and some evil in the heart. The only Judge capable of judging is the righteous Savior!

There are people who do not even know the facts to be analyzed, but even so, they express their opinions. They harm themselves by not paying attention to what Christ has directed. What´s worst: consciously, some know that what they condemn is not real. Then they blame those who do good and ratify those who are disrespectful to God. What will become of them?

The paralytic was already sentenced when his friends came to his house to tell him what Jesus could do for him. His heart readily accepted the words about the Son of God, and he certainly saw in that invitation the opportunity to be delivered from the error that tortured him and brought a curse upon his life. Upon hearing from the Lord’s lips that his sins were forgiven, the man believed and was forgiven.

The poor scribes – who understood nothing of the spiritual life, but like machines, simply wrote what was already in another register – did not realize the greatness of that hour for the sick person, whom Satan had oppressed for so long. Upon hearing from Jesus the absolute and simple sentence, without no sanction, he was pleased, because, at that moment, he would be free from the oppression of the enemy. Hallelujah!

The scribes erred because, even though they knew and recorded several times that the Savior would be born in little Bethlehem, they refused to believe in Christ when they saw Him. They had the greatest privilege: to know what the Scriptures said about the Messiah; however, they did not receive Him as such. Likewise, many read about the Master, but do not obey Him and continue in religious monotony. However, the Lord can forgive you!

Every time we read the Bible or listen to the preaching of the Word, done by a godly person, we become aware of God’s will for us. However, as Jesus warned, many avoid the Light because their works are evil (John 3:20). Some, in a childish way, believe that, one day, God will forgive them, thus, they continue in the error. Poor souls! They destroy themselves for nothing!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Righteous and true Judge! Many have not yet realized the fact that they judge themselves, whenever they hear Your Word and do not obey You. Thus, they will be with the evil one and will be tormented for eternity, if they do not repent!

May Your mercy reach them and they wake up, to be free from the evils done by themselves, when they condemn innocents and justify evildoers. Father! How can anyone say that You have changed, if You are the same?

We pray for those who listen to You! They must stand out in Christ and come to You. Otherwise, they will lose eternal happiness, the heavenly life that awaits them in Your Glory. Thank You, Father!


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