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07/05/2020 - HE CHOSE WRONGLY

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“Here is the man who did not make God his strength, But trusted in the abundance of his riches, And strengthened himself in his wickedness.”- Psalm 52:7

There is an innate feeling in human beings about God and the respect we should have for Him, but, unfortunately, many prefer to live differently. Now, these people do not know the harm they do to themselves. To despise divine mercy and love is a terrible thing. Nothing better than walking with the Lord and living in communion with Him. This is priceless!

Whoever does not give the Most High the proper place in his life, for not recognizing Him as the Creator of all things, will be very sorry. Letting the moment pass when the Most High decides to visit him causes incalculable damage. When you need His help, you may not get it. We do not decide when and how we should seek the Lord, but Him. Why does the creature want to impose conditions on the Creator?

The Most High gives everyone the conditions to do good, especially to those who place their trust in the Word. However, many drop this and do what their minds teach them. This is bad; after all, we see nothing of the spiritual world, nor do we sense when the enemy approaches us. Those who love God, having and keeping the commandments, have their requests answered.

Whoever wants to be successful must make the Lord his stronghold. When the forces of evil come to take you out of the good life, God will be your Relief present in the hour of tribulation. Poor one who considers it unnecessary to trust the Almighty. When Hell afflicts him with any suffering, that person will find no way to protect himself or get rid of misfortune. To God be the glory!

Never trust yourself, although they say you know things, you are “lucky” and you will always be a winner. By placing your trust in the Most High, everything that concerns you is guarded by divine power. Sooner or later, when least expected, the enemy will bring his temptations to those who do not trust the Lord. God is the Strength of our life. Do you believe that?

The abundance of wealth, whether in the financial, intellectual or other fields, must never replace faith in God, because He is the One who gives us benefits. What the Almighty does is worth forever and adds no pain – it never opens the door to the evil one. However, what man does is not always right, so the devil tries to put hatred and afflictions on him. Seek the heavenly Father and thus free yourself from the kingdom of evil!

The height of stupidity is a person to be strengthened in his wickedness, and that is what the devil most wants from man. When the opponent attacks the fool, he cannot be protected by heavenly power. If you are not yet saved, you are certainly the target of the operations of hellish powers, but, being part of the Body of Christ, you are guarded by the Lord!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father, our Fortress! We don't want to leave Your love or despise You like our Fortress. We wish to approach You and have Your help, because man's help is in vain. We believe in your love!

We can never trust the abundance of our wealth. It is important for us to have Your operations, which lead us to assume what belongs to us and see the Lord working for our help all the time. We love you!

We do not want to strengthen ourselves in our evil, but to get rid of it whenever it arises. We only aspire to be filled with Your presence, enjoying the communion of Your Spirit and pleasing You properly. We believe in Your great love!


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