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Now all the flocks would be gathered there; and they would roll the stone from the well’s mouth, water the sheep, and put the stone back in its place on the well’s mouth. Genesis 29.3

It is no good to criticize what God has done, for even that well had been planned for at least one of His servants to use it for a righteous purpose. In that land, a citizen directed by the Lord found water and made the well. We don’t know, if other people benefited from it, but certainly, besides the flocks drinking from those waters, the Most High destined it to be part of the saga of Jacob and others.

We often belittle God’s works, saying things that are useless. This is because we are unaware of God’s deeds. Many years ago, in the state of Texas, in the United States, a story was told of someone who asked if a certain piece of land was good for anything, and they said no – because if they drilled a well, no water would come out, but a dark liquid, unfit to drink. It was petroleum!

The curse of Texas was actually – wealth – which made the Texans rich. All things created by the Lord have a purpose. In the same way, He put in the Bible what you need to know to be an overcomer in everything, especially over the wiles of the evil one. When one begins to read the Scriptures, they soon discover that it is rich in good teachings. The Bible’s revelations answer all our questions.

The stone that covered the well was heavy and this made the shepherds wait until they had gathered many flocks. Then, someone or several of them would remove the stone; this was the detail that made Jacob befriend with them. In the conversation that followed after the greeting, he was told that Laban lived nearby and Rachel, his daughter, was coming with her flock, for she was a shepherdess. What Jacob saw in her already made him feel that God is good!

Whoever removed the stone, after using the water, had to put it back in place – and this was the most difficult part. In the same way, one must proceed with the Word of God. The saved know how wonderful it was to hear it and receive salvation. However, few realize that someone else paid the expense for the message to reach them, and do nothing to make sure that it also reaches the unreached people of the Earth.

Sometimes we organize large gatherings, where considerable amounts of money are spent on sound systems, security, chemical toilets, etc. Then some people speak ill of us, saying that it would be better to build temples, so as not to have to pay the expensive rents. I answer that God, in the words of Jesus, implies that someone’s soul is worth more than all the gold in the world (Luke 12.20,21). Fear is lacking in many people!

Every time we can gather thousands of lost people who will obtain salvation, the cost should not be a cause for concern, because the resources that people give, as well as their tithes, should be used in God’s work. Why not give to all – the Bread of Life?

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of the flocks! There are lost people all over the world... Some are too religious; others don't give spiritual matters enough consideration and live outside of Your will - as if there were no problems. We ask for mercy for them!

Use us to gather them into Your flock. Then, they will be born again and receive the other blessings prepared by You. You are a merciful God - for those who seek You and beg for forgiveness. Loving and gracious Lord, we love You!

The evangelization of the world is more important than the wells dug by men. Out of these comes natural water, but the Eternal Water cleanses sin and gives those who believe - eternity, at Your side. May You be exalted forever!


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