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05/03/2019 - HE HEALED THEM ALL

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But when Jesus knew it, He withdrew from there. And great multitudes followed Him, and He healed them all. Matthew 12:15

On that Saturday, many people would witness great operations of God. In the synagogue, anyone who heard Jesus´ explanation would be healed. A man who received the teachings of Truth was soon called up front. Before all, the Master commanded him to stretch his withered hand. So he did and he was healed. But joy alone did not take over the Pharisees in that place.

No doubt many people would be freed from their evils if they had listened to the Son of God, including the Pharisees. However, they chose to counsel against Jesus in order to kill Him. Why such wickedness, if the Lord had done only good things? Whoever does not surrender themselves before the Creator differs from His opinion of doing good. Just as there are groups in the politics that want the worst to happen, aiming at the next elections, there are opportunistic people in the faith.

The Pharisees called themselves servants of the Almighty. However, because the Master had healed someone on the day of rest, they plotted to take away His life.  The greed for money and power would not let them understand that such a work was from Heaven – the will of the Most High for the suffering. Jesus learned of their plan and only went away to help the others in need.

That miracle encouraged people to make all effort to seek help in Christ. Fear never overwhelmed Him, for as the Son of God no demon could disturb Him. Christ knew that His time on Earth had a purpose: to die for us in order to save us. That day would come, as said by His Father. Since He was to do nothing unplanned, He went out to where He would heal the sick.

That serves as a lesson to us. Nothing will happen to us without God’s permission, unless we are out of His will, which never happened to Jesus. When He went away, the Master was loving the Pharisees, for if He wanted, He would have struck them, and they would have gone to eternal damnation. This is one reason the Almighty does not enter into early judgment with man.

Christ´s mission had to continue; otherwise the plan of the Most High would fail. More people had to be healed that day; then the Savior departed with the multitude. As it happened in the synagogue, Jesus used His power and healed all. He did not bother with the reaction of the Pharisees nor was He led by bad feelings, but He showed why He came to the world.

God’s love prevents Him from destroying those who harm His work. For this reason, nothing happens to many people who persecute His Word, because, once He is a merciful Father, He does not want to lose anyone, but expects all to come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9). So, in the end of times, they will not go to the lake that will burn with fire and brimstone, but they will go to the Heavens. Check at this moment to see if you are in rebellion. If so, repent!

In Christ, withlove,

R. R. Soares

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God, our Father! It is good to learn from Jesus. He did not seek to destroy those who planned to kill Him, for He had not come to take anyone's life, but to save the lost. Nothing should impel or direct us, except Your good Spirit.

If Jesus was not welcome in that synagogue, in other places He was. They accused the Messiah unjustly, because they did not understand that You were leading Him. Because of this He was never offended and never acted with vengeance. The ignorant never know what they do.

When the time came that You wanted Jesus to minister, He used Your power and healed people, delivering them from diseases, illnesses, sequelas and birth defects. We must be channels of Your healing for those who come to us.


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