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And he sought to see who Jesus was, but could not because of the crowd, for he was of short stature. Luke 19:3

The even in Jericho that day made it clear that Zacchaeus was a man touched by the Holy Spirit, for his desire to see Jesus urged him to do things that a man in his social position would never do, unless guided by God. Zacchaeus sought to see who Jesus was, but was frustrated for the multitude surrounded the Savior. But, as it usually happens, the Lord has a different way of guiding us to do what is right.

Jesus is always going by somewhere, especially where there are people who crave to see Him or wish be delivered by His power. Wherever He goes, there is a purpose of God in action. Because the Lord is so great to care for the whole Universe and the billions of people on Earth, whether they are good or bad, loved or hated by others, rich or poor, is something that impresses us in the midst of all His works.

Although he did not succeed, Zacchaeus did not give up. Many times, in his heart, he asked God to help him see the Nazarene, who was revolutionizing his country with a message never preached by anyone else. That day, though he stood on his tiptoes, he could not see the Master, and that would be the last time the Savior would go through Jericho. Zacchaeus did not understand that his eagerness to see the Messiah came from Heaven for his own salvation.

Jesus’ fame grew hope in the heart of that little man: a tax collector, who becomes rich through shady means and was considered by all as a bad citizen, for, besides working for the Roman Empire, he was accused of subtracting some things from his countrymen for himself. However, the work of the devil in that life was about to end. As soon as he saw the Son of God, he would have the strength to leave his life of errors and live for righteousness.

Christ’s entry into Jericho was not by chance, but a plan drawn up by God to save Zacchaeus and his house, as Jesus later revealed to him. Then, with joy, Zacchaeus welcomed Him, for what he most wanted happened. Believe: anyone who weeps to have an encounter with the Lord is not frustrated. After all, when God gives the desire, He also gives the conditions for it to come true. He truly loves everyone. Halleluiah!

Zacchaeus sought to see Jesus but didn’t manage to because he was of short stature.  The Son of God wanted to see the one to whom He had been sent, and He certainly knew that He would find him upon the branches of a wild fig tree, just as it had been revealed to Him. When their eyes met, Jesus had no doubt that the one on the tree was the tax collector whom Jesus came to save. When calling Zacchaeus by name, the Master showed him that it was his day of salvation.

Zacchaeus’ wandered through the streets of Jericho until he found the fig tree, where he could climb and wait for the Son of God to pass, and this made the prophecy come true. Jesus knew everything. Come down, was the Savior’s word for this sinful man. The Master added: Today I must stay at your house (Luke 19: 5b). Happy, Zacchaeus perceived that God loved him.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father, our infallible Guide! Both Zacchaeus and Your Son were led by You to come to the place You established, so that this man, who was rich in relation to men but poor in eternal life, was saved along with his family.

The desire of the tax collector was quenched when he saw the Master, but You had more to give him. So, in order to be redeemed, he applied himself to what your Law determined to thieves. Teach us to redeem ourselves as well!

Zacchaeus was radiant to hear the Master call him by name and command him to come down from that tree, for the Savior wanted to spend time at his house. To have the Lord under our roof is all we need to win!


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