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And they were astonished at His teaching, for He taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes. Mark 1:22

Jesus entered into Capernaum to do the work of God, and His disciples were with Him, for they were learning how to do the same.  Likewise, every time the Lord leads us to a new place, He does so with a purpose.  We have a mission to carry out among the people, which is equal to His.  To follow God is to say yes to His commands.  Our part is to conduct ourselves like the Master; otherwise, we will not do the same.  

At first people were marveled with His doctrine because having authority He taught in a manner different from the other teachers of the world.  Jesus did not teach as the scribes did.  The world already has too many teachers that never solved the problems of the people.  What man needs is someone anointed by the Lord that lives in communion with Him and allows himself to be used, just like the Savior was a good example of this. People will listen to those who proceed like the Lord and will be delivered.

There are more individuals with spiritual problems than we would like to find.  Behind any disease or ailment there is always an evil spirit oppressing the one who conducts his life in the wrong.  In Scriptures we learn that the devil makes the people live according to his nature.  The Gadarene who was possessed for example liked to walk naked and was very violent; when the demon was expelled from the mute he began to talk. 

Being involved with the devil is not good for those who have no biblical instruction or the specific anointment from God. The sons of Sceva, the high priest from the region of Ephesus discovered a non biblical method for “helping” people.  Then when they used the Name of Jesus that Paul preached, the devil that was in the oppressed was very clear in saying I know Jesus and know well who Paul is; but you, who are you?Consequently the man who was oppressed lunged at them who naked and wounded had to flee (Acts 19:14-16).

We should not take lightly or toy with the work of God nor use what we say and do for purposes that go against those of the Almighty.  I have already seen many people put to shame by evil spirits, as they tried to cast them out or ridicule such.  Only those that are not living in sin and living according to his Word should work in God’s work.  As we expel the demon we cause harm and loss to the devil’s kingdom and if we are not truly from God, the devil will react violently.   

Those who serve the Lord should not fear any demonic manifestation, because God has given us authority to advance against it and reduce it to nothing.  Jesus’ way of talking marveled the listeners in the synagogue at Capernaum. When the evil was manifested, people talked to each other about what they had seen and asked what that could be.  Finally, with authority Jesus expelled the demons.

We must teach the recently converted to fear God and to consecrate themselves.  This way they will do the same works as Christ and this will take multitudes to the Kingdom of Heaven.  At the same time we must teach them to beware of the deceptions and schemes of the devil which will try to convince them that they need not live in sanctity because once saved they were saved  forever.  Watch out!

In Christ, with Love, 

R. R. Soares

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Lord! The people in the synagogue at Capernaum were marveled and stood in wonder at seeing Your Son teach the Word emphatically.  Likewise, many will wake to the Truth, when they see us serving with love and holiness!

Jesus’s examples will take us closer to You.  When we do the same we will notice the reaction in people.  We have the obligation not to stray from Your teaching.  Otherwise, You will not be pleased with our work. 

Don’t allow us to do what men say, but make us follow the Master.  The people that are still in the world need to understand Your will and obey, for there is no salvation in any other who says they are of Your Church but do not obey you!


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