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My heart was hot within me; while I was musing, the fire burned. Then I spoke with my tongue. Psalms 39:3

To those who are weak in their faith, the secret is to meditate on the Word of God. By doing that, your inner being will be enlightened and you will see how easy it is to take possession of your blessing. Those who are unstable spiritually need to spend more time at the feet of Jesus, meditating on what He said and inspiring themselves in His actions. Ask for His guidance, and He will give it to you.

When your heart burns, words will arise from an inexhaustible spring, and you will feel great. It is time to pray and to speak about what has been happening to you. Tell the Lord even the bad things, your desires and other things. Afterall, you have direct access to the Savior. This should be done constantly, but always using the Scriptures.

This fire that’s burning in your soul will lead you to do more than necessary, for you’ll be connecting to the Creator of the Universe – the One who can make you the person He planned since the beginning, when nothing had been formed yet. When you join His “classes”, you will be well received and will do the divine work.

The more the Psalmist meditated, more fervent he was. This will also happen to those who look to the Lord seeking to walk in His ways. Remember that when it happens, the enemy usually comes with feelings of pain, tiredness and yawns. Some aren’t vigilant and soon their mind is distant from the presence of the Most High. Those who belong to God will grant the Master His space, and there’s nothing wrong in asking for more wisdom and other gifts.

When the Biblical fire ignites you, you will think, talk and act like your Savior, showing others how good it is to walk with God and to do the work like Jesus did. What you will feel inside of you is a sign that He is preparing you to take your place in the body of Christ. There is no way for the enemy to defeat you if you’re connected to the Almighty God.

Under this anointing, you will speak words of faith that will move away your mountain of suffering and evil things. Pray and determine, and God will command your reaction, no matter if evil is attacking you. The strength of the Lord will be in your life. Seek to have this moment with Him, and He will give you victory.

David understood he needed to be taught by the Lord, and that’s why he always sought to do the will of the Father. When the spiritual fire was lit in his heart, the son of Jesse opened his mouth and spoke. From that moment on, his faith increased. Those who fear God will spend good moments with Him. His faithfulness is eternal!

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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Lord of the holy fire! We need material to burn in Your presence. Our problems will be solved when your flame burns within our hearts. Then we will follow Your commandments successfully. Thank You, Father, for Your kindness!

Meditating on Your Word, we will see where we were wrong. We are willing to listen and to learn from You. Don’t leave us without instructions from on high, because earthly things can’t make us wiser in the matters of Your eternal kingdom!

Walk with us and guide us in the right path, because our greatest desire is to know and to do Your will. We want nothing apart from what You promise us in Scriptures. Use our tongue to give You the praise You deserve. Amen!


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