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If you will not hear, And if you will not take it to heart,To give glory to My name,”Says the LORD of hosts,“I will send a curse upon you,And I will curse your blessings. Yes, I have cursed them already, Because you do not take it to heart..  Malachi 2:2

The first condition for a person to please God is to hear Him through the Word. This is where he understands his mission and, with heavenly help, acts like Jesus. No matter how good a purpose he may be, if he does not learn from the Lord, he cannot do the work properly. Those who despise biblical instructions cannot fulfill their calling. Though you strive, your deeds will never be accepted.

The second is to propose in the heart to exalt the holy Name of the Lord. The motives that people find for doing what they call divine work will never be taken into account by Him. Christ said: But I receive no testimony of man (John 5:34); I do not receive glory from men (John 5:41). The fall of Adam was devastating! Even those who walk away from people and go to a monastery to lead a life of seclusion will never please the Lord with this act.

The honor of which the Most High speaks means more than uttering beautiful words about His Name, but using it to set the oppressed free. Master set the example by coming into the world and paying the price of our fall. He did everything as He saw the Father do. There is no point in striving or spending hours praying to God to answer your prayers. When you pray correctly, the answers soon come.

As soon as one refuses to glorify the heavenly Father, he is overwhelmed by curses. He feels no peace and loses authority over evil. Then sufferings and disturbances arise. Why fail to honor the Name over all names, which heals us, sets us free, opens the gates of Heaven, and gives power over the kingdom of darkness? Walking with God is so good! Why act contrary to Scripture?

He who is far from the Most High must seek Him urgently, for He speaks of cursing blessings. So if one expects something outside the Word to help, it will only make one’s distress worse. By ignoring the Lord, he will experience the rigors of the kingdom of evil. Many did not wake up to the fact that the evil in their hearts brought the worst demons. There needs to be liberation!

The decree is already published: he who rejects the blessing loves the curse, which will come upon him. Those who do this need to be delivered from an unclean spirit. Why would anyone refuse the blessing to be overwhelmed by the curse? Would he have the courage to burn his salary upon receiving it? Of course not, for the blessing would help him a lot. Try to get right with God while there is time.

Consider the biblical warnings in your heart. Whether man accepts them or not, they will be a reality in the life of anyone who does not honor the Name that can give power to overcome the evil one. With God, you will be happy and successful. What do you say?

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! Your Name is greater and more operative than any force outside of You. This is beautiful! Your Word declares that the beings of heaven, earth, and under the earth will bow their knees before Thy Name.

We want to receive and fulfill Your orders, honoring Your Name above all. O God, the true Lord of hosts, you will never fail to help us in our struggles. You are with us as you were with Your servants of the past!

You love us and we love you too. Therefore, the curses will not reach us. You are a true friend, an unparalleled Father and an absolute Lord. We want to put Your teachings in our hearts so that we will not sin against Thee.


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