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If you keep My commandments, you will abide in My love, just as I have kept My Father’s commandments and abide in His love. John 15:10

Jesus addressed the disciples, saying there was no difference between the love of the Father given to Him and that which He bestows on those who believe in Him. This should remove from our heart the idea that we are in God’s Kingdom by chance. In fact, it was the Savior’s choice. Just as the Father loved His Son, He also loved us – to the same extent and intensity. It’s good to know that!

Now it is up to us to remain in His love, and that is easy, because we simply have to keep His commandments. However, man gives himself to the flesh, allowing the fascination of riches; the cares of life and the ambition of other things take over his heart. All this makes every word sent by God fruitless. However, the Lord is always faithful!

Divine precepts are easy to follow; after all, they were prepared by He who knows our structure and desires our obedience. He who observes them will become wise in any matter. But those who despise them will find themselves unable to understand the Most High´s plan, which would lead them to live victoriously in all situations.

Jesus stated that He was used in a great way by the Father because He practiced His teachings. We can be blessed in the same way, for indeed the Lord made His precepts for our good, not for our punishment. Because of God’s love in the life of the Savior, people sought Him, because they saw how good it was to be with those who walked with the Almighty. Do you want to be loved by Him?

Try to know how to please God by reading and meditating on Scriptures. Doing so will make it more advantageous to walk with the Lord and carry out His will. Those who fail to know Heavenly Father’s purpose lose much of His love. Divine goodness reaches those who love Him wholeheartedly!

Jesus’ will was to prepare His disciples to persevere in His love. Thus, the world would be blessed through their mission. If today’s servants turn away from this love, the world will suffer from the lack of power to perform the wonders done by Christ in His ministry on Earth. Their absence today is our fault.

Whoever you are, remain in Jesus’ love. Thus, you will be a blessing to those who live under the devil´s yoke. We have the power to set man free from his sufferings. The happiness of many people depends on me and you!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of true love! We cry out for Your help, for we must fulfill Your will. Your love devoted to Jesus was also given to us by Him. Whoever ventures to believe in You becomes a blessing as Your Son was.

If we are loved as Christ was, we can do the same works He did, and in this way You will be glorified. We must minister to those suffering the same faith preached by Your Son.

Jesus always observed Your determinations. By His example, we must submit to them and fulfill them. Look at us! We cry out for Your help so that  our joy may be  complete.


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