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22/06/2020 - HOW TO AVOID DANGER

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“Therefore I also have made you contemptible and base Before all the people, Because you have not kept My ways But have shown partiality in the law.” Malachi 2.9

He who refuses to follow God”s ways errs in every way. Now what He makes us understand is not heavy to be fulfilled. The commandments are like teachers who teach us how to hit the mark along the way, even as our enemies lurk trying to get us out of eternal happiness. Divine precepts will always protect us. Therefore, we must fulfill them to avoid the pitfalls of the evil one.

Our greatest danger comes not from the enemy, but when we refuse to obey God’s commands. As we keep the commandments, we receive the ability to appropriate what has been prepared and delivered to us. However, those who despise the Word have a hard life left without heavenly help. We need to understand: our Father is good and has provided rich blessings to those who love Him.

The Lord wants us to be wise, or we will not take possession of what belongs to us. The Savior paid a heavy price for our deliverance from the empire of darkness, providing what is necessary for us to receive the abundant life bestowed by Him. Those who are not submissive to God will surely face many problems that could be avoided. In addition, they will no longer see the miracles of the Lord.

Not submitting to God makes us despicable and unworthy before the people. Why should we boast against His decisions? No doubt this is pure rebellion. However, as we fulfill the Father’s commands, we fit in the right place and enjoy His blessings.

Not keeping the ways of the Most High can lead us to be respectful of people, being discriminating and evil to others. But as we retain and put into practice all that He has said, we become intelligent and find the solution to our problems.

We were made to walk with the Almighty and go all the way in fulfilling our duties and enjoying the blessings guaranteed by Jesus on Calvary. Whoever fails to use what belongs to him in Christ will not do well and will soon have to exercise faith in Christ to a greater extent, but will not succeed because he has despised his position in the Son of God.

Choose to please Father and be a winner from now on. You have already been constituted by Jesus as king and priest to God (Rev. 5:10); therefore, never allow yourself to be oppressed by the devil. In the Name of Jesus, demand the escape from evil with all that is His. Then you will know what it is like to experience what God has given you through Christ (Ephesians 1: 4).

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of heaven and earth! It is wonderful to know that you have given us your paths. As we walk through them, we will no longer be despicable or unworthy before the people. This makes us very happy because we can do your work with excellence and dedication.

We want to keep Your ways, and then we will see that it will give us the authority to do Your work in virtue of Your Holy Spirit. Nothing will stop us from being Your priests.

As we take our place in Jesus, we will see Your power to honor our determinations. Use us to Your glory, and evil will never attack us or make us suffer. In Christ we are more than victorious. Amen!


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