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12/05/2021 - HOW TO BE A WISE SON

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Whoever keeps the law is a discerning son, but a companion of gluttons shames his father. Proverbs 28:7

We find two different laws of God in Scriptures: the Old Testament one, called Law of Moses, and the Law of Freedom, the Gospel, which replaced it. Well, considering that mosaic precepts should be strictly followed – otherwise those who were against them would be condemned -, the Law of Freedom must also be followed in all of its extension, both warnings and promises. This Law makes us live in excellence and it is easier to be followed, because of our faith in Jesus.

A wise son is one who was born again and who takes pleasure in finding what the Lord bans through Scriptures. We should never surrender to evil practices, which open the door for the devil to act in our lives. The Almighty One guarantees that no evil shall befall us, nor shall any plague come near our dwelling (Psalm 91:10). He wants all that’s best for us. We must follow Him and live in a victorious way. God has set us up for success!

Solomon was called wise because he sought the Lord, and therefore, prepared himself to take the throne in his father’s place (1 Chronicles 29:23). Whoever wants to be wise must call out to God for understanding and prudence. Without these two virtues, no one will ever serve Him in the right way (2 Chronicles 2:12). Why become a companion of gluttons and not of those who love God?

A discerning son makes his father rejoice, but the one who doesn’t seek wisdom becomes his mother’s sadness. We can’t live in a way that causes our parents to say they don’t take pleasure in us. The Lord is our true Father, and the Church, our mother. Remember that our stay on this Earth is quick, and as soon as we open our eyes, we’ll be leaving. That’s why we should do what’s good while there’s still time. Judgement day will come!

We experience different seasons in life. The Bible says we should be vigilant and pray so we won’t fall into temptation. In the same way the mow happens during summer – when you reap what you’ve planted – the wise retain what they didn’t need to sell, in order to use later. Those who sleep during the season of reaping, selling and storing bring shame to God. The Lord wants to see us acting and glorifying His name.

Those who hear their Father’s corrections are wise. However, some despise such reprehensions, becoming scornful. Their future won’t be any good. You will be considered wise or a fool depending on the decisions you make every day. If sinners want to seduce you, don’t give in to them. Unfortunately, many don’t do that and dishonor their parents. What kind of a son have you been?

Obey the Law of Freedom and you will bring pleasure to the Lord, who has prepared blessings and success for your life. It is never too late to start over and follow the right direction, honoring your Creator. In the original divine plan, you were born to make other people joyful and to be successful in your faith in Christ. What will be your attitude?

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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Lord, our Father! We will only please You when we have Your understanding and refuse what You forbid. We can’t go back to the devil’s authority. We have been delivered, we were saved and made to honor You!

Why should we be a companion to gluttons and deny the wisdom You have given us? We want to please You and make You happy, oh God! Forgive us if we haven’t been doing that. We don’t want to be fools and to bring You sadness. Help us!

We want to rebuild ourselves upon Your promises, in order to fulfill Your plan. That way, we will be recognized as those who honor You in every place. Without Your power and Your mercy, we won’t ever give You honor and love!


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