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I will be glad and rejoice in Your mercy, For You have considered my trouble; You have known my soul in adversities, Psalm 31:7

It is necessary to know the goodness of God, for in it we will be glad and rejoice.  David wrote in this way, because the Most High had known his soul during adversities.  Then, in His eternal mercy, the Lord gave him the opportunity to repent of his sins.  This teaches us that all repentant sinners will be forgiven by the heavenly Father. 

When Joseph arrived at Potiphar’s palace, God was benevolent with him.  This way, this servant avoided falling into temptation with the wife of his master (Genesis 39:7,8).  Sometime later, even being accused without any cause, Joseph was sent to prison, but suffered nothing, because  the Lord continued to be good to him and later removed him from there to be head of government for the King of Egypt, the greatest nation in those times.  If you are undergoing a similar tribulation, have faith in your victory.

As he prayed for the Israelites who believed in the fictitious story told by the ten spies, Moses asked that God forgive the iniquity of the people and would do so by the greatness of His mercy (Numbers 14:19). This must always be in the hearts of all the laborers of the Gospel as they preach the Word to the lost.  Then they who do not feel loved anymore would believe and be forgiven.  God is still the same today!

When David asked Nathan the prophet concerning the construction of the house for God, the prophet hastily said that that king could do whatever was in his heart.  However, later on, the Most High commanded this same prophet to tell David that Solomon would build His temple, and He would favor Solomon, in contrast to what happened with Saul (2 Samuel 7:3-15).  The Almighty deals with all His sons in the same manner.

When the temple of Jerusalem was consecrated, the house of God became filled with a cloud, and the preachers were not able to remain standing.  Then the musical levites, Asaph, Heman and Jeduthun were dressed in fine white linen, with musical instruments, next to the priests, who played trumpets and sang praises to the Lord, because He is good and His mercy endures forever (2 Chronicles 5:12-14).  We must seek this presence of God and believe in Him!

After saying that the fools will not remain in the sight of God, that He abhors them that practice evil, He will destroy those who produce lies and abhor the bloodthirsty and violent, David declared he would enter the house of the Lord by the greatness of His goodness (Psalm 5:5 – 7). Like David, we must have this knowledge of the Father and lay hold of His mercy.  Unfortunately we have lost many people for not knowing and understanding what the servants of old knew and understood.  

In Psalm 90:14 we find a formula for us to rejoice and be glad every day: pray to the Lord for Him to fill us every dawn with His goodness and mercy.  With this revealed word, nobody needs to be sad and everyone may stop murmuring and complaining.  In truth, what the Word teaches us must be received, believed and practiced.  After all, they who have salvation in Jesus Christ are already more than conquerors.

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! It is beautiful to be able to love You and to do Your will, without fearing the evil man.  Your mercy will not allow the desires of the devil to reach us.  You who delivered Joseph from the evil one, will also deliver us. 

We want to be glad all our days, and we ask You that you fill us every early dawn with Your mercies and goodness.  We ask that we may go all out to accomplish our mission, in order to reach our joy in You. 

Since You witnessed our anxieties and know our souls during our adversities, You will help us to accomplish Your commands.  That Your cloud may come and fill our hearts with what is lacking.


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