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The mouth of the righteous speaks wisdom, And his tongue talks of justice. Psalm 37:30

The person who decides to live according to the Word has no idea OF the good that they are practicing for themselves.  Made righteous, this person can enjoy the wisdom of God that will create success in material and in heavenly things.  But those who resist the Lord and do not answer His call withhold themselves from this blessing.  Consequently they suffer great loss in everything that they do and stumble on the obstacles placed by the enemy.

If wisdom could be purchased it would be abundant in the lives of the children of the wealthy.  No doubt they would want to be wise and would spare no resources, in order to be covered with this heavenly virtue.  However, in a majority of cases they own money but have no fear of God.  Now, if they were wise they would receive Jesus as their Savior and would be supplied with divine gifts and blessings.  

We see the more sensible declarations and attitudes in the servant of the Almighty.  Even without knowing what to do or say as they weigh and consider the proposals, they choose the best.  At first sight, many may say that a wrong decision was made but in time  they will see that besides having lived well, never being controlled by evil, this person enjoyed peace, health and joy.  God is faithful!

All decisions contrary to the Word do not come from the heavenly Father and will not provide the desired peace to those that acted this way.  Many people want to get rich and in order to do so are capable of doing things prohibited by the Scriptures, as they were influenced by the devil. Such a decision will result in many evils.  Alas, the blessing of the Lord makes one rich, And He adds no sorrow with it (Proverbs 10:22). To be rich in God is one of the greatest blessings. Seek it! 

Why neglect wisdom and prefer foolishness? Nothing is comparable to what God will do in your life, if you obey Him.  However, if you neglect Him, you will learn how evil is the devil and in the end of everything you will suffer eternity in Hell.  Get rid of that which can imprison you forever and hold on to everything that the Almighty concedes to you.  After all, what comes from the Lord is exempt of all problems that torment people.  It is far better to follow Him!

You recognize one who is saved by the way he speaks.  Those who dwell in commenting what is worthless, tells immoral jokes, plays down other people and doesn’t try to transform their life is without any wisdom from Above.  Regardless of your origin; through faith in Christ you can improve your future and become a blessing for humanity yourself.  The wisdom of the Lord will be abundant in the lives of those who love and serve Him!

It is good and wise to have the mouth of a righteous one.  Speaking with wisdom we will undo the tricks and traps of the devil.  If all spoke with the tongue of the righteous and just, there would be no enmity, deception or evil amongst us.  This is why we must preach the Word. As we lead people to understand God’s plan for them, we will never be abandoned by our friend or persecuted by the enemy.  We would live as if evil never existed.  To God be the glory!

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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God of wisdom and righteousness! It is rewarding to belong to You and share in Your knowledge which distinguishes and sets us apart from others, leading us to walk with our heads high, without the least fear.  This way, You will always be glorified in our actions. 

We ask for mercy for our brothers who had reached a good position as they believed in Your Word and now turn their backs to Truth and procede toward eternal suffering.  The repentance of those that went wrong is all that You desire and hope for.  Help them!

We want to announce only that which is righteous and leads You to turn Your face towards us.  We plea for Your favor and believe in Your answer.  Give us all that You have for us.  We will be happy and joyful in You.  Amen!


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