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13/06/2021 - IN THE FATHER’S HANDS

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My Father, who has given them to Me, is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of My Father’s hand. John 10:29

To be called sheep of the Lord is one of the highest privileges man receives. Those who are His sheep should be thankful to their heavenly Father; they won’t ever by visited by evil and have the power to rebuke even the enemy’s “smoothest” temptations. There is nothing more important than living free from the contaminations of the evil one. This gives the people of God freedom to enter His presence and make their requests.

It is wonderful to hear the voice of God, which warns us about Satan’s tricks and the dangers around us – the “best things in life”, such as sensuality and other sinful acts that are common to those who walk according to the flesh. The Lord knows His children and protects them from the worst and most subtle ties from hell. The best thing is to follow the good Shepherd’s footsteps.

Followers of Jesus, from the eyes of the lost, are fools and don’t enjoy the “pleasures of life”. That is far from true. Servants of God enjoy the true pleasures of life without being contaminated with the spirit of sin. Jesus will come back for us, and that’s why we can be confident that no evil shall befall us nor shall any plague come near our dwelling (Psalm 91:10). To God be the glory!

To follow the Master is to rest assured we will receive eternal life. As we overcome the corruption of the flesh, our spirit won’t be affected by the destructive arrows of darkness. To enjoy His promises is all we need to do; with the Lord, we are victorious in battles! One day we will live by His side eternally. It is great to be safe and to know that our Father hears us.

The world will continue in a moral decay until falling into the bottom of the pit, but our future is different. Every day we are renewed to live beside our Savior both here and in glory, for we will never die. The devil will try all he can to bring us to his side, but Jesus made it clear that no one can take us from His hands. What great news! Our success is complete and endless.

The Father who gave us Jesus is greater than all the evil spirits put together, including their boss, Satan. The truth is that evil can’t stand a single look from the Most High, who is a consuming fire. Hell can’t be victorious against those who belong to God, for they have a shield which is His name. Therefore, don’t allow the enemy to fool you. Believe with all you have that the one who protects you doesn’t sleep or slumber (Psalm 121:4).

Christians can rest assured that no one will take them from the hands of the Lord. The power of our God is infinitely greater than what man can imagine. His eyes are always set towards us; He is always loving and good to give us the best in life. Certainly, He is a good Father in every aspect. Call out to Him right now and be blessed!

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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God of strong hands! What an assurance! We will always listen to Your sweet and strong voice, which leads us through green pastures towards resting waters. We are Yours, and therefore, we won’t ever be surprised by evil!

You have given us eternal life, and when You return to Earth, we will be taken with You to paradise and never leave. Man has no idea how immense Your glory is! Thank You for allowing us to follow You wherever You want us to be.

The declaration that we won’t ever die is beyond our imagination: heavens are prepared to receive us. To know that no one can take us away from Your hands is amazing. Father, You are sovereign and with You we are safe!


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