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08/11/2020 - IN THE HOUSE

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And again He entered Capernaum after some days, and it was heard that He was in the house. Mark 2:1

The Lord had made Capernaum His headquarters, where He left for missions and to where He returned. In the context of the verse, He returned a few days later to be where the Father had instructed Him to set up the headquarters of His work. Certainly, those in need would seek divine help. As He was always ready, the Savior would not disappoint those who came to Him. The same will happen to us, but we must prepare ourselves.

Jesus showed that the field is the world, where He should be doing good deeds. We must do the same way everywhere under the guidance of the heavenly Father. But first, we must study the Bible and remain in prayer, so that people will come to us and not be disappointed. Now, if there is no power in us that they need, how will their needs be met?

Obeying God’s guidance, wherever the Master went, many came to Him to receive the Word. Without a doubt, if they believed in it, they would live free from the forces of evil and obtain the faith to be healed. Upon returning home to Capernaum, Jesus assisted those in need. Crowds were eagerly awaiting Him to hear and receive divine help. Whoever is prepared in the faith in Christ will also be sought!

As soon as the Lord returned, the news spread, and the result could not be different: people were coming to meet Him. Thus, they learned the Word and were blessed by His ministry. No one was frustrated; on the contrary, precise instructions came from His mouth, to the point that everyone said: We never saw anything like this! (Mark 2:12) Can the same thing happen to us? Yes, most certainly!

When we assume our place in Christ, the lost will come to us and we will be able to help them, through the Lord’s authority granted to us. This is the difference between us and the leaders of other religions: the operation of God’s power when we minister. The Almighty wants to use us, just as He used His beloved Son!

Our fellowship with the Most High will show whether, in fact, we can be His instruments. This will only happen if we prove that we are worthy of His trust. It is sad when the opposite is true, we talk too much, and our actions are similar to that of the religious people. Now, the people are tired of listening to those who have nothing to give them. The lost are eagerly looking for those who can show them the Way!

God is wise and will not trust us with His loved ones if we are home wreckers or have a purpose in ministry other than that which was in Jesus. The work is the Lord’s, and His servants must have the same capacity as the Son of God; otherwise, we are bound to scream, and no one will come to us.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Our Lord and Master! Men must see in us what they saw in Jesus and in the apostles. Otherwise, we will never please You. Help us to live for You, and not for the lost, suffering and forsaken world.

We need to go through the same teachings of Jesus, taught to the first disciples. For that, we must free ourselves completely from the flesh and its claims, so that You can teach us. We want to learn from You!

Do we not believe in Jesus as we should? Are we fooling ourselves? May we give You the true place of the Lord and be Your faithful workers for Your glory. Amen!


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