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Now there was a man in their synagogue with an unclean spirit. And he cried out. Mark 1:23

I don´t know why Scriptures refer to the place where Jesus went to deliver the Word as their synagogue.  That was supposed to be the house of God, where the Most High was worshipped; however there was a clear reason for this to have been said.  This method of reference is also found in other biblical passages and has their origin in Greek which means the “place of meeting of the Jews.” Jesus always went to the local synagogue to teach the Word and to deliver those that were oppressed by the devil.

In the book of Revelation, Christ showed John the events of the futures, as he was referring to the church at Smyrna, which is a church of the persecution.  Because of the Jews that were not believers in Jesus and lied concerning God, the Roman Empire was used by Satan to hold back the spreading of the gospel to the lost, making the church undergo a great period of time in tribulation.  Today, around the world, several groups call themselves Christian but obstruct the work of God.

Into their synagogue, Hell sent a man possessed by a filthy spirit who was an advocate of the devil.  He countered the Master presenting three cases for the defense of the kingdom of evil, when he said that he had nothing to do with the Lord.  So doing, he declared that the kingdom of evil had the right to oppress people. As the devil had said during the tempting of Christ in the desert, everything had been given to him; however, this was not true because Eve had been deceived. 

Nothing that is conquered based on fraud will prevail, only what God says.  The fall of man was a perfect deception by one who is a rogue and a thief that practiced deception.  However, the victory of the devil that he boasted of was false and did not hold up to the Truth.  Hell will never prevail against the advance of the Church of Jesus, who came to rescue and redeem man from his fall.  Only the Truth triumphs and reigns!

That lawyer for the filthy spirit exclaimed: Did you come to destroy us? (v. 24) acknowledging that Satan and his demons will be thrown one day in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur for all eternity.  Therefore they work full time to deceive the greatest possible number of people, in their efforts to take them with them to eternal suffering.  It is indeed sad to recognize that many will go on to perdition because they ignore the invitation of the Lord. 

The devil tried hard to deceive the One Who is the Truth, saying that He was the Son of God. Now Jesus came in the flesh to be like one of us, when in reality as Son of the Almighty He could not legally be here because the earth had been handed over to man.  The Lord was a man like any other, so He could be here to deliver us from sin. He was totally holy. The Master then said nothing about the devil’s defense. 

No use the enemy insist and scream in his defense, for nothing will be accepted.  Satan’s fall is irreversible, but man’s fall was reverted.  Now those who hear the Gospel and believe in the Lord are saved.  Those who invoke the Name of Jesus are delivered from evil, from eternal damnation and are born of the Word and the Spirit.  Halleluiah!

In Christ, with Love, 

R. R. Soares

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Liberator God! We thank You for having loved us and freed us from darkness and eternal damnation.  We are Your people, for we were washed in the blood of Jesus and prepared for the good works.  You will be glorified with our lives!

We cannot accept the snares of the enemy, who desires at all cost to remove us from Your arms.  There is no longer any condemnations for those who made the decision to belong to Jesus and live in Him.  Help us persevere to the end!

We want to complete and fulfill Your plan, taking the sweet message of the Gospel to the lost people in this world and lead them to Your Kingdom.  With Your help we will get to where You have sent us!


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