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These are the things you shall do: Speak each man the truth to his neighbor; Give judgment in your gates for truth, justice, and peace; Zechariah 8:16

The Lord cares about our daily well-being, so in His Word is every instruction that His children may live well. But whoever does not follow the commandments despises his own security and prosperity. With this, he lives far from God’s plans and into the hands of the evil one. “What to do?” Is the question, and the answer is: Turn to the Most High with true repentance and confession of sins. Believe in Him and live!

Since we are saved, we must live as children of the Light. The decision to obey God’s will leads you to become a winner. Now our brethren of the past, when they were afflicted, were delivered. And we, have to suffer the evils sent by the devil? Not! What happened to them exemplifies what can and should happen to us. After all, the Lord does not change and work His will always.

We need to speak the truth to others. Now this does not mean only the truth of ordinary facts, but the truth that delivered us from the empire of darkness. It is always good to talk with your brethren about the Scriptures, because, no doubt, the devil has tempted the members of the Body of Christ by showing the worst offerings, wrapped up as delicious things, for their purpose is to destroy them.

When a person becomes ill, he has turned away from God and fallen into transgression; therefore, you should seek repentance as soon as possible. No one after being saved can do what the Word condemns, such as lying and living as if the Gospel were unnecessary. Whoever you are, get rid of any temptation. Even if you don’t answer it now, it will keep you from the Lord.

Executing judgment is something that everyone can do in their moments of intercession for sufferers. Those who fail to devote time to pray for the lost and too weak of the Body of Christ do not understand the reason for their salvation. See who is outside the plans of the Almighty, even while in the church, and intercede for him. Don’t give the devil the pleasure of thinking about the temptations he brings you. God must be your Source!

In executing the judgment of truth and peace at their door, the revelations given by the Lord in His Word place His power at work for the oppressed. He who does good is equal to Jesus, whose mission included walking everywhere freeing and healing. God expects the saved to be like the Savior. There is a place in the Lord’s work for you.

Well done to someone comes back to you multiplied. The same is true of the harm that is done when one does not intercede for one’s release. Today is the day to get right with God, to love Him wholeheartedly — by keeping and keeping the commandments. The Lord truly loves those who love Him!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Our wonderful Master! They sound like simple statements, like all you give us, but they are very powerful. Help us to speak the truth with our companion on the path of happiness and to treat each other with dignity.

When we pray, we have to make our prayer the best judgment. So you will be completely praised. We cannot play with demons that seek to destroy us, but do justice and bring everyone to the knowledge of Christ.

May the judgments executed by us be of truth and peace in the doors that are opened to us by the Scriptures. Then you will be glorified with our life. Thanks for talking to us clearly! Thus we will glorify You. You're faithful!


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