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Shake yourself from the dust, arise; Sit down, O Jerusalem! Loose yourself from the bonds of your neck, O captive daughter of Zion!  Isaiah 52:2

The church of the Old Testament spoke of its mission, because the salvation worked and brought by the Son of God has not yet occurred.  Today this work is concluded, and for this reason the Church of Christ must not let itself be deceived, because God has fulfilled His promises.  The Church must shake itself from the dust that covers its glory. If its vision is darkened and its members understand not who they are in Jesus, the enemy will keep them under his yoke.  Free yourself, Church!

The command to the Church is to shake itself from the dust.  God shows what is lacking and needed in us to correct our attitudes, be it sins of commission or omission. The dust of the world has covered our capacity to live right because we have not done our duties. Nothing will happen in spite of our prayers and fasting.  Repent and remove that which should not be over you.  What is your decision?

Placing ourselves in full communion with God, we must arise and unleash ourselves from the bond that ties us to the chair of failure and defeat.  So in one holy gesture we must get up on our feet – ready for the fight – to do battle for the Almighty.  Nothing will keep us from victory in the battle of faith if we are in the divine plan.  With the Warrior using us, there will only be victory and great joy.  Halleluiah!

Maybe you will take more time to rise up.  If your heart is frightful, or you lack the necessary courage, you will not be accepted to do battle next to the Lord.  Thus prescribed the Word of God for His people: When a man has taken a new wife, he shall not go out to war (Deuteronomy 24:5), even if he so desired.  Furthermore, whoever planted an orchard should first eat of the fruit of his work.  Only whoever fought with all his heart in it would be accepted.

After rising up the Church must be seated – taking up the position determined by God at His side.  The work must be carried out with excellence, following the plans laid out by the Lord.  Not by force nor by violence, but by the Spirit of God we will lay hold and take up all that belongs to us.  Be wise and you will bring joy to the Father’s heart.  All that man needs to be victorious has been handed to him; one only needs to lay hold.  Take command of your life!

The next step is to unleash the bonds that lead you to defeat.  This is a question only of believing or not in the Almighty.  There is not the slightest possibility of the Christian to fail, for the Savior has already defeated the devil. Jesus did not flee from the battle in a moment Satan was off guard, but He undressed him and paraded him with his demons, confessing their defeat.  Wake up, Church! Your position is one of supremacy in all matters.

The glorious Church of Christ is no longer captive but free! The captivity began to be destroyed when the Son of God cried out: It is finished(John 19:30). Everything had been done.  The daughter of Zion was free, freed, freed forever.  Cry out your independence!

In Christ, with Love, 

R. R. Soares

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God, Liberator Commander! Following Your order, we have shaken the dust of our immobility.  We call on the authority of Your Name to undo the snares and traps of the enemy against our happiness.  Lift us up to battle for us to obtain our freedom!

We do not accept the powers of darkness overcoming us; to the contrary we order them to leave because the time to cry is ended and to sing has arrived.  We will have what You have said from now own.  We lay hold and take up the possession of the declarations in the Word!

We untie the bonds around our necks.  The devil is no longer our master, but You are Father, the one who gave us victory.  We give You praise! We are no longer the captive daughter of Zion but delivered by the blood of Jesus that was spilled at Calvary.  Amen!


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