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But they said, “We cannot until all the flocks are gathered together, and they have rolled the stone from the well’s mouth; then we water the sheep.” Genesis 29.8

Jacob’s admonition disturbed the shepherds, who answered him immediately. This was what Isaac’s son needed to hear. He then removed the stone. People expect someone to take the burden off their lives, so that they can drink from the water of the Well and offer it to their own. Why couldn’t the shepherds remove the stone? Perhaps most of them were not adults. Similarly, the lost need someone’s help.

Wrong doctrines trap individuals in various difficulties, even those who seek the Truth. Whoever is not in Christ, even if he is a member of the best church, loses the ability to remove evil works from his life and the lives of his neighbor. God’s people must be taught to consecrate themselves to the Most High, daily. This way, they will not suffer the staggering wickedness of darkness.

We are sent as witnesses of the Truth, able to use divine power and lead the lost to salvation. Witnessing about the Word is not only speaking about it, but also using the authority that it carries. The oppressed needs someone to set him free by taking away the stone that crushes him day and night and blocks the pure water that could flow from within him. There was a stone preventing Lazarus´s resurrection (John 11.38)!

The world is waiting for stone removers, Christians raised up by the Lord and anointed to do the same works that Jesus did. However, if they do not sanctify themselves, the enemy will continue to oppress those deceived in the most diverse religious doctrines. Now, the Truth sets free (John 8.32), but someone has to make this a reality. You can’t just wish people to be set free, you have to do God’s work wisely.

Millions are dying because there are few stone removers. The world is full of priests who serve themselves, and not God. They are full of flaws and have not yet been set free by Jesus. Many are not shy about condemning those who actually do God’s work. When they learn of the deeds of the Most High, they fear that they will lose the people who sustain them. Mercy!

Demons are like stones over the mouth of the well; not everyone can remove them so that the flocks may drink the water God placed there. We cannot close our eyes or ears to the chaotic situation in which humanity finds itself. Both rich and poor are under the operations of evil. Go into all the world, this is Christ’s command (Mark 16.15).

You, Christian, have been given the power to free the oppressed. So don’t hide your gift or close your heart to the cry of those suffering. God will judge those who do not stand up to the worst tragedy of all times: ignorance of the Good News of the Kingdom of God!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father, God of opportunities! We have been living blindly, without seeing how much people suffer under the devil´s dominion, who uses all means to do his dirty work. People suffer because they don't know You. Use us!

You have given us the possibility to reach the world in a fraction of a second, but we have chosen to do our will, instead of exposing ourselves to the dangers that the forces of darkness produce - to frighten Your servants!

We have to open our mouths every time You give us the chance to speak of You. There is no other Name that can lead people to salvation. We must think about heavenly matters, and do the same works Jesus did, carrying them out- enrooted in You. Amen!


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