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In those days John the Baptist came preaching in the wilderness of Judea. Matthew 3:1

We now began a quick study of the life and ministry of John the Baptist, which made the people go to the desert to hear him. God’s anointing upon him led multitudes to that inhospitable place. No one advertised this servant of the Lord in advance, and he did not use divine power to heal the sick, set the oppressed free, and prosper people. However, many confessed their sins. spontaneously.

People everywhere sought him out to hear God’s message. When the work comes from the Lord, no one has difficulty getting where the Word is preached. From A to Z, in the divine work, everything must come from the Most High, or nothing will be done. Whoever has ears to hear will go through the new birth and seek salvation in Jesus.

The wilderness of Judea is no different from the others in the world, and yet multitudes came to hear the man of God. If the Lord is in a work, the preacher will have a different word to give, as his hearers feel the need to settle with Heaven. The important thing in the life of the individual who proposes to serve God is to have a revelation from on High.

He who repents of his sins makes a difference among those who have not yet touched to hear the Lord. Converts bear witness that He does change the lives of the lost. Those who are moved by God soon give credit to the sweet message, and the first sign that their heart’s eyes have been enlightened is their repentance for the evil they have done to others. Truth sets you free!

In our day, we need preachers clothed in heavenly power to heal the sick as Jesus did, to deliver those disturbed by evil spirits, and to lead all to repentance. Thus they will be forgiven and saved. Those who have the anointing to show the wicked their errors are much needed today, because without prophecy the people corrupt themselves (Prov. 29:18).

We cannot play with faith, but take seriously what the Most High has said. Whoever is not born of water (the Word) and the Holy Spirit can never see the Kingdom of Heaven or enter it. May the Lord have mercy on this generation and lead sinners to repentance, or it will be lost! Many live so far from God that they find it jesting when we talk about the reality of Hell.

People need to repent because the Kingdom of Heaven is near; otherwise, they will not be able to receive divine blessings. It is not right to turn a blind eye to this fact, for John’s message was that of Jesus before he was arrested and then beheaded. Let me ask you: have you repented of your mistakes, been forgiven and born again? Caution! Tomorow may be too late. Pray now!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Merciful Lord! It is beautiful to see that repentance is a gift given by You to those who hear Your Word. Then begins the salvation of these people. But why don't many have the slightest interest in being forgiven and saved?

In preparation for the ministry of Your Son, You sent John the Baptist before Jesus began preaching, paving the way for the Savior. John's preaching did not include healing or deliverance, but created a hunger for Thee!

John was the first to say that Your Kingdom had come. His eloquence made people go to the desert to hear him and then to the Jordan River to be baptized in the waters. He said, "One will come and baptize you with the Holy Ghost." What a day!


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