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From there they went to Beer, which is the well where the Lord said to Moses, “Gather the people together, and I will give them water.” Numbers 21:16

God knew that haste would lead the Israelites to misunderstand the importance of their deliverance from slavery in Egypt and the possession of the new land. The Hebrews redemption typifies ours, planned in the smallest details and shortly initiated after the fall in the garden of Eden. The Omniscient prophesied Satan’s defeat by saying that he would bite his Son’s heel, but He would crush his head. This has already happened!

In the deliverance plan of Jacob’s sons, there would be times when they would rejoice. In the redemption of the man from the clutches of the king of darkness, joy is also inseparable. The Israelites fought to get to the right place; we also fought battles to take hold of the Kingdom of God. Do not be fooled by the devil, resist him by faith in the Name of Jesus. Then he will flee (James 4.7)!

In Hebrew, the word Beer means well. It was at this fountain of water that Hagar, as she fled from Sarah, found water and heard the voice of God. Imagine her joy upon seeing the fountain dug by the nobles in the desert! Likewise, when we feel the anointing, the Lord’s inspiration comes from the Word that is revealed to us. Then we join Ishmael’s mother in her cry: You are the God who sees (Genesis 16:13). He sees it in secret!

The waters of Beer cheered her up. Likewise, the revelation of what is in the Scriptures gives us strength, rejoices our hearts, and enables us to hear God´s voice. He led the Israelites there to strengthen them, rejoicing in Him. Then, with that strength, they could walk toward the house prepared for them. Hagar returned to her mistress, and we have returned to our true Father!

We have to gather people, regardless of whether or not they are religious, so that they may drink water from the well dug by the nobles. How many people paid a high price to get the Gospel message to us? How many have been martyred and oppressed in various ways for saying that God loves man. Even those who had harmed them could benefit from the “Beer.” Halleluiah!

The Most High wanted the Hebrews to have renewed satisfaction, which would give them the courage to proceed to towards their goal. Those who do not rejoice in God will have no power to face the devil´s onslaughts. The enemy is evil and tries all the time to hit us with his wickedness in order to destroy us. Overcome evil in the Name of Jesus. Whoever drinks the water from the “Beer” dug by the magnificent has power!

Enter the resting place, which is secret to unbelievers but open to the Almighty´s servants. Man cannot see what God has for him until the Lord opens his eyes. So, like Hagar, he can cry out: You are the God who sees. You will never be deceived if you wait on the Lord!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, who sees in secret! At Your command we want to go to Beer to see what you have in store for us. In the desert of the world, many times, we are lost. Therefore we ask: show us the well. You see us in secret!

When You realize that we are about to lose heart, You open to us the vision of Beer, the well dug by the nobles. Thank You for always thinking of us and using people and events to teach us the way out of adversity.

Take us to the secret place, where You see us in secret and bless us. We do not want to give up or forget Your commandments, but love You for giving us wisdom to fulfill Your command. Where is our Beer?


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