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Thus says the Lord, The Redeemer of Israel, their Holy One, To Him whom man despises, To Him whom the nation abhors, To the Servant of rulers: “Kings shall see and arise, Princes also shall worship, Because of the Lord who is faithful, The Holy One of Israel; And He has chosen You.” Isaiah 49:7

The Almighty makes a triple presentation of Himself. First, He reveals Himself as the Lord reigning absolute over everything and everyone. Then He reveals Himself as the Redeemer of Israel, a title most deserved for His deeds for the children of Jacob. Finally, He is named the Holy One of that people. In addition, He came from a holy lineage to provide for the redemption of mankind.

The despised soul refers to mankind after Adam sinned in Eden. The Savior came without appearance or beauty compared to the root of a dry land. The Bible reveals that anyone who looked at Him would see nothing pleasant. He was despised and a man of pain, whose people hid their faces. This is the portrait of Christ, who died for us and set us free from the empire of darkness. Despite the description, this is our beautiful and victorious Savior!

The nations hated the people of Israel, but God loved them. The Israelites symbolized who we are before the Lord. After two thousand years, the world abhors us for being the private property of the Creator (1 Pet 2: 9). Great is the hatred against us and the Lord’s anointed. Because of this, the rulers seek to destroy the divine work as well as those who follow the heavenly plan. Therefore, we are not well accepted by the world.

The saved are abominable in the eyes of the nations because, because they are enlightened by the Scriptures, they disgust those who like the wide door and the spacious way. If we didn’t say anything to them, we would be accepted as a foolish group, but as we speak the Truth, which hurts the conscience of those who are wrong, we are the targets of mortal hatred. However, love overcomes hatred.

The word of encouragement is given to the servant of those who rule. Although they feel the worst people, such rulers will see how blessed the son of God is because he has the Holy Spirit in his heart. When the wicked are converted, they will recognize that the Lord’s servant has fought a mortal struggle on their behalf. For all their hatred, it will have been worth fighting for. We are reviled, but comforted by the Most High, who never forsakes us.

The risen Christ will be seen in His shining glory as He comes to seek His beloved Church and to take it to the Heavens of glory. The kings will rise too late; after all, they have come to dominate, kill and torture our brothers. Many have been converted, but others are bound to the devil, about to march with him to the lake of eternal fire.

The princes will bow before the church and see how much the Lord loves her. The recognition will be complete because of the love of the Lord, who is faithful. We were chosen by the Holy One of Israel!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh father! What beautiful words you have said about us and your servants of the past. Now you are making both peoples one. Their destiny, when they accept Your Son, will change, as will ours.

You are our Redeemer, our Holy One. We are not the despised soul, but the one beloved and glorified by You. Your glory has given us holiness, power, and love. We are Your beloved children and we await the return of our Savior to bring us into Your Kingdom.

What a beautiful party it will be when we enter the Heavens of Light! We will never see evil again, nor will we remember it. We shall see kings and princes bowed before Thee. We will love Thee forever!


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