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And He said: To you it has been given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God, but to the rest it is given in parables, that ‘Seeing they may not see, and hearing they may not understand.’ Luke 8.10

What a privilege we have to be members of the Body of Christ and to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of God! However, to our misfortune, religious teaching has turned God’s work into a negative philosophy. Understand: the Lord wants to bring you back into His presence and forgive your sins, giving you a new opportunity to be happy. Away from the Savior there is only death and misfortune, but next to Him you will know the good part of having come to the light. Confess, believe and live!

It is up to each of us to return to our first love, that feeling when we were in love with Jesus because we belonged to Him. We dreamed of pleasing Him, of living by His side, and everything we asked was done for us. But as the days went by, the enemy managed to make us equal to the religious ones, and in this way, the holy fire inside of us went out. What must we do? Love the Savior again, having and keeping the commandments (John 14.21,23), and everything will be solved in Him!

Be honest: do you miss the early days when revelations flowed from the Word to your heart? Analyze and find out the reason for the interruption of your spiritual growth and the consequent return of temptations and evil deeds. Having the Lord on your side again is the only way to a decent and productive life. Never let yourself be led by the evil one; otherwise, the disdain you have shown towards the Holy Spirit will condemn you (Revelation 2.4,5). React!

When you return to your first love, your life will benefit, the Holy Spirit will rejoice, and divine love will flood your inner self. What’s happening to you  now, isn’t it the lack of oil in your lamp (Matthew 25.8)? So, take this chance to go back, repent of your sins, and you will find out that Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13.8)!

God has not changed, neither has His Word. He guarantees that the mysteries of His Kingdom belong to you. Just make a firm decision, and the Holy Spirit will guide you in the Word, because that is also why the Comforter was sent. Your decision is the one that counts, because the eternal Father’s decision was made long before you accepted Jesus as your Savior. The Lord has never and will never leave you. Surrender yourself to the Almighty!

Those who have not had the privilege of knowing this Kingdom of wonders will also rejoice at your return, your consecration and willingness in the Lord. Why let the devil and his demons hinder your return, if Jesus is your Door (John 10.9)? Christ will help you towards your happiness, but you need to be steadfast in faith, always in the divine presence. The Lord is the Answer for you right now, and He is ready to end your suffering!

One day, in Heaven, you will realize how worthwhile it was to return to your first love, because the enemy will never bother you again. Think of your friends, relatives, and other people who will rejoice with your attitude, which will spur them on to do the same. Without Jesus, you won’t get the least of what you get now with Him. Love yourself and be loved!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our Friend and true Shepherd! There is no greater privilege for the members of Your Body than to confess our mistakes and ask You for mercy. Father, give all those who pray with me the opportune occasion to love You and to obtain many blessings!

We can't live as a pawn in the hands of demons, in the filthiness of the earth, losing the best of salvation: the communion with Your Spirit, whose mission is to take us into the arms of King Jesus, our Savior. We want to take back the gift of being Yours!

The best is yet to come, for now we have returned like the prodigal son, who had nothing, yet was welcomed by his father with a hug and was the cause of a celebration like never before in that family. We are grateful for Your love!


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