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19/07/2020 - KNOWING THE TRUTH

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in humility correcting those who are in opposition, if God perhaps will grant them repentance, so that they may know the truth, 2 Timothy 2:25

Flee from strife is God’s message to every child of God who wants to live and serve Him without limitations. The saved without understanding what it means to be a true servant should sit at Christ’s feet and not let the enemy use them to hinder the divine work. They must be the blessing that the Most High has planned for whom He calls.

The Lord’s workers sin when they use brutality toward those who resist the call of the Holy Spirit. This is incompatible with God’s way of operating. See what the Word directs: Be prudent as serpents and simple as doves (Mt 10:16). Whoever deviates from the Way is in anguish and pain, for he knows his final destiny. The only way to instruct him is to speak with meekness, that he may recognize the sweet voice of God and close his ears to the turbulent voice of the king of evil.

It is not easy to get a person to act sensibly in the face of wide door offerings. The resistance to letting meat appetite is very high. However, if we make it clear that going through the narrow door is profitable now and even more for eternity, it will turn to the Almighty. The peace you receive by believing in Jesus will put out the fire of sin.

The soul of man cries out for the peace of God, but for the great harm suffered he does not care whether he will go to eternal torment or not. Therefore, we must insist by showing that the mercy of the Most High has not abandoned him, and the price of sin will be too expensive. With divine help we will be able to snatch some of the eternal fire. Rest assured that your work in the Lord will never be vain.

The good teacher gains the student’s confidence by instructing him wisely and rejoicing to see his progress. Now if anyone is resistant to the Word, it will be a great glory to see him bend before the Almighty through me. It’s beautiful to have the ability to get you to see your mistake and mend. It would be good if God would allow us to take those around and lead them to love and serve Him with dedication.

No endeavor given by our heavenly Father should be abandoned, even though it seems greater than our ability. No doubt He will increase our anointing in the right proportion. The Most High desires that all come to repentance and believe the Word. Those who know the Truth are set free by it. In the mission Father gives you, you will be 100% successful.

If God gives repentance to those who resist Him, imagine what He will not give to those who cause such a person to love Him! So accept any challenge presented to you and you will find it very important to get the win. The Lord is not unfair to forget His effort to help one get rid of eternal death. Be a servant!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Revealing God of Truth! We need to know You to better serve You. As long as you drive us into battle, we will win out. With you by our side, success will be great!

We accept the mission of speaking to the rebel, leading him to understand that his attitude will be very bad for him. Father, being with us continually, we will hit the mark. We need your directions.

Give us the necessary meekness, and we will not please the enemy, but will execute your plan. Never abandon us if we are verbally or physically assaulted. After all, the resistance of many can be violent. Help us, God!


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