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10/11/2020 - LACK IN ALL THINGS

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The threshing floor and the winepress Shall not feed them, And the new wine shall fail in her. Hoshea 9:2

The error of turning away from God, of no longer looking for Him or serving Him, makes you lack everything. You are a reflection of the Lord’s presence or lack of it in your life. If you have been through many problems, start looking for Him and do not accept words of men. Even if they get it right or come close to what the Most High tells you, what comes from them is not able to inhibit or destroy the works of the evil one.

The sign that you have not truly served the Lord are the unsolved problems that accumulate or arise in all areas of your life. Why, then, stop looking for the One who is the Truth and wants to bless you? Away from Him, you will only get sadness, misery and pain. Arise in the Name of Jesus and be victorious.

No matter how much a person works, or save some money, if he does not have the Lord, the problems will be constant for him, because there is no wall of fire (Zechariah 2:5) around him to protect him, nor the Word that will make him do what is right. If your actions are powerless, the enemy will not leave you. Only those who belong to God are able to defeat the enemy and get rid of his nefarious works. Stay alert!

Sometimes the person has not yet left a church, but is there only for other purposes, not to seek the Lord. As a result, others worry about her because of what she suffers, but prayers on her behalf do not have the desired outcome. The distance from God is the worst thing that can happen to a Christian, because the enemy will act in his life. The biblical promise is: Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you (James 4:8a).

If you have not been able to live well, the powers of evil are at work in your life. The Word guarantees that there is prosperity for those who are dedicated to doing God’s will (Proverbs 10:22). Wake up! There can be no lacking for those who received the abundant life provided by Jesus. Examine how you have lived, financially or health wise,  and decide if you will continue to be far from God. The Father wants to draw near to you! Pray!

You need grapes to make new wine, which must be placed in new wine skins. If the person does not become a new creation, the Lord will never give him the grapes that will produce another wine, because the old pots will burst. This teaching is more than the Jews knew about old pots and new wine. This explained why the new wine – the power of the New Testament – was not given to those who were not born again.

Get right with God, and everything will be fine. When your eyes see clearly, you will know where the resources are in order to thrive. With the Lord, you will have abundance, but without Him, there will be scarcity, and you will not get the answers you need. The life given by the Lord is abundant in every aspect. Is this how you have lived? Understand: if you are suffering, change!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of our harvests! Why do we let ourselves be carried away by the enemy's conversation and miss the abundant life provided by Jesus? This comes from the devil, who resents our position in You. Look at us and heal us from this evil.

Even if we work day and night, which will make us lose our health and, perhaps, die before time, nothing will be worth it, because, in the hands of the evil one, we will not have Your moving. Forgive us and lead us next to You!

We need to have crops that will feed us and make us successful. To those who love You, you prepare bread while they sleep. Father, we come before You for loving You and wishing to have fellowship with You. Give us the good grape for the new wine!


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