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O Zion,You who bring good tidings,Get up into the high mountain; O Jerusalem,You who bring good tidings,Lift up your voice with strength,Lift it up, be not afraid;Say to the cities of Judah, “Behold your God!” Isaiah 40:9

This passage was directed to the One who would initially proclaim the Good News: the Son of God. Now it is addressed to the Lord’s followers, who speak of His love and work on the cross. The saved must have a different attitude than the religious; after all, the Good News needs to be given with wonders and signs. Only the Gospel has the truth, and it is not religion.

The announcers of the Good News should go up a high mountain – prepare to speak to the crowds. This message cannot be conveyed as something wrong, or a vain attempt to help the lost, because it heals the sick, frees those captives to Satan, and leads the people to meet the living God. Such teachings must come from Above, above any human proposition. They are unique!

Both Zion – which represents the remnant faith of the Old Testament and that of David, who took Zion from the Jebusites – as Jerusalem symbolize the Lord’s Church. For Zion, the evangelizer would need to be instructed in order to be able to deliver the message in a clear way; and to Jerusalem he would have to speak to the inexperienced, because since the return from captivity there was no new news that pleased them. God is real!

The Good News need to be propagated to the world with a strong voice. Thus, all will know that they are the News of all news, which brings God to the hearts. This is the way to carry out divine work, without humiliating anyone, but showing everyone the only way out for man: salvation in Christ. This is the solution for those who believe. Halleluiah!

The Spirit of God repeats: Lift up, indicating that the Lord´s messenger must not come to terms regarding the essence, or anointing of the Word of God addressed to humanity. To lift up means to understand the divine message in its entirety. Thus, people will have the conviction of the truth, power and its achievements, promised by the Most High to those who believe in it.

In many places ruled by darkness, there will be persecutions and lies told about God’s servants, but they must have courage and advance. The cities of Judah, which in this passage symbolize the world in search of the Lord, need to hear the Good News. Thus, they will rejoice and surrender to the Almighty to solve their problems. Our word must be ministered with power, anointing and boldness. Thus, we must strengthen ourselves and set out to victory.

Behold your God. This is the message to be conveyed to people. But first we must go up a high mountain to know Scriptures and God´s power. Thus, we will exalt the Name of the Lord and preach the Word with evidence of signs.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father! Jesus preached Your Word, showing the Gospel with Your power. May we do the same today! The remnants of true faith will exult to see that You are the same!

You are in the Gospel, which is not a bunch of lies and things of man, but the solution to mankind´s problems. The time has come for all to see where You are, and Your signs in our midst will show it!

No more deceitfulness! Your Word is the same today and will continue to be until the return of Your Son. We must tell everyone that You will perform the same deeds of the past. Amen!


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