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08/04/2019 - LIKE HE LOVED US

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This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. John 15:12

When the Lord gives us a mission, He is aiming at our well-being in the present and in the future. If we are focused in fulfilling it, we will lack nothing, because He will supply all our needs in glory, through Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19). When we are carrying out our mission, as long as we do it out of sheer obedience and not with some shady intent, the eternal God will take care of all things that belong to us. Then everything will come out perfect.

After sin, there was not a single righteous man who could die on behalf of mankind and thus save men from eternal death. That is why the choice fell upon His Only Begotten Son, His Word. By the work and grace of the Holy Spirit, the divine seed of life was planted in the womb of a virgin named Mary, and she conceived. The baby born in Bethlehem of Judah came with to this world with a purpose: to suffer our sins, evils and diseases.

In the operation for the conception, birth, and death of Jesus, mankind was greatly benefited, and He was even more so, for, after having brought such great salvation to mankind, He received all power in Heaven and on Earth. Likewise, when the Lord calls us to do something, not only will we bless many lives, but we will also be blessed for everything we do. Even before the consummation of the world, we will have been rewarded.

I could not have imagined that my life would change completely after that encounter with Christ at my grandfather’s house, when I was 20 years old. Because I accepted the calling, I have been able to lead thousands of lives at the Lord’s feet, and this will give me an eternal reward. Do not flee from any God-given task, for not only will He help you fulfill it, you will also receive your reward. The heavenly Father is always faithful!

My sponsors, those who go to the bank every month, contribute so that the message of God reaches millions of people around the world. Then, on that Day, they will receive the crown of righteousness. Having been wise, they shall also shine like the brightness of the firmament. Because they helped us to teach justice to millions of lives, they will shine like the stars forever and ever (Daniel 12: 3). What glory!

The Lord has given us the following commandment: that we should love one another, as He loved us. This does not mean that we must always be hugging each other and saying that we love each other and so on and so forth. However, we must be alert to how we can help our brothers more, and lead sinners to the Kingdom of God and intercede for those whom the Father desires us to bless.

We must love in the same way that Christ loved us, obeying the mission that He has given us and using it at all times in favor of the members of God’s family and of those who still have not surrendered themselves to the Lord, so that they may be saved. Our life must be one of constant prayer and supplication before the Most High. Then we will have the very best God. To obey is the solution!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father, our Example of true love! When Jesus accepted Your mission, it was good for mankind and for Him as well, because by fulfilling  the work of redemption, He received all power in Heaven and on Earth. Halleluiah!

You have given us a commandment which we must absolutely not give up on it, but completely  fulfill it. Help us to stay alert, watching and praying, so that we do not enter into temptation. To You be all glory! 

We have to obey what You tell us to do in Your work. Nothing can separate us from this calling, because there are multitudes suffering because they do not know You or what Your will is. We want to be faithful to Your ordinances!


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