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And it happened, while Apollos was at Corinth, that Paul, having passed through the upper regions, came to Ephesus. And finding some disciples Acts 19:1

The Spirit of God ordered Paul to go to Ephesus, where he would find fertile ground, full of challenges and opportunities to proclaim the Good Word.  As an obedient servant he did not delay and passing through the upper regions soon arrived at that city.  He who is chosen to belong to Jesus and desires to be used by Him must always be ready to answer to the orders of the Almighty.  Wherever the Almighty sends us there is a great interest of the Heavens.

We waste no time when we practice doing good; and furthermore, it matters not where or to whom.  While one ministers in one place, the other continues elsewhere to speak of the love of God.  Being members of the Body of Christ and His marvelous army, we must be prepared to carry out the divine plan, with haste and no delay.  We were prepared by the Lord to do His bidding wherever we are. All Glory be to Him!

We are part of the Kingdom of Heaven to carry out His will as a priority and not as an option.  The field is the entire world, and the Lord, our Commander; therefore we will obey and go wherever He sends us.  We do not have to look back, or to the left or the right.  We have to strengthen ourselves through the promises of the Almighty for Him to use us as He wills.  We must be obedient and prudent servants, never failing in our duties.  Halleluiah!

We can’t begin to measure how great is the privilege to preach in the Name of the Lord and in His presence.  Therefore, we must remain focused to obey the convictions of the Holy Spirit, who will lead us in the mission assigned to us by God. We must seek heavenly wisdom and deliver to our neighbor the message that will free them from evil! If we obey the divine edicts, certain that God will honor our mission, we will go into battle at the side of Him who never fails. 

Apollos was duly prepared to continue the mission in Corinth, because having the same convictions as Paul, he was being instructed in what to do for the recently converted faithful.  The apostle’s heart burned since he believed in the imminent increase in number of saved.  God had called and prepared him to fulfill an important task. Certain that he was part of divine royalty he did not seek profit or gain but only the fulfillment of his noble calling.  All that are called are protected!

As he passed the upper regions, Paul perceived the great need that people had to hear the Word, but he was sent to Ephesus.  Because he knew the perfect will of God he did not even stop to greet anyone along the way, but continued his course in order not to remain alone.  With God, he would save many of the lost in Asia.  Besides, with his eyes on the Savior, the apostle noticed what people could not see.

The group of disciples in Ephesus was small, but needed somebody to help them fulfill the Father’s purpose.  Paul did not question and listened to the voice of the wind.  Then, in very little time he would see multitudes leaving the magic sorceries and enter God’s plan.  This would be his reward!

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Holy God!  Your work is done as You will, with the tools that You have provided.  The eloquent Apollos, aided by Priscilla and Aquila understood what was necessary to lead the people to understanding salvation. 

Your Spirit touched Paul who left immediately for the new fields.  Arriving at Ephesus he saw that those disciples needed to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit that they did not know.  As they received and understood this blessing all of them were filled with the Spirit and power.

In this city, there was a mission to carry out, waiting for the arrival of Paul to shake up the entire region.  This occurred under Your direction.  Is there a different place where we should preach the Word? Lead us there for we want to obey You. Amen!


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