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Strangers shall stand and feed your flocks, And the sons of the foreignerShall be your plowmen and your vinedressers.  Isaiah 61.5

It seems that the Bible has been a closed book for most of the brethren in Christ. They do not know what they have in Jesus and because of that face problems and have needs in all areas of life. However, when they learn about what they can do by faith and begin to have victories, they become joyful and fulfilled. If they are not fulfilled in Christ, they cannot glorify the Lord as they should. This is sad!

As long as we don´t understand what God is saying about who we are in Jesus and believe it, we will struggle in vain to get rid of evils. But by acting in the right manner, we stand in the position in which the Lord will act on our behalf. Everything will be done by the faith received when we give ear to the Word (Romans 10:17). Therefore, without meditating on Scripture, we will not have the confidence we need to determine victory.

Jesus said that He came to have life with abundance (John 10: 10b). This is real. Now, once you learn this truth, you no longer have to pray for it to be fulfilled, but order it to happen, believing in its fulfillment. From then on, consider the blessing to be yours. But, if a thought comes to mind that it will not come to pass, remain steadfast in the Word.

During the days of Isaiah, life revolved around agriculture and livestock, that´s why the examples left in these verses mention the people who worked in such activities. Today, there are many different professions. Put the name of your occupation on the example quoted, to see the divine power operating in the same way. Unfortunately, lack of faith has led many to live the opposite of what the Bible says, and consequently, God is not glorified.

We do not have to do what the religions or their priests teach, but rather use the directions of Scripture that are much superior. With the authority of the Name of Jesus, we can be successful in laying hands. God cannot be with those who live in sin and do not obey the biblical precepts of loving their neighbor as himself and other recommendations.

If you fulfill the heavenly commandments – the promises and the reprehension – the experts from all segments of life will join you in helping you to enjoy all that Jesus has given you. Instead of living the opposite, you will enjoy the good favor of the Most High. Do not prevent the stakes in your tent from widening. After all, because of Christ, your limit is much higher than you think.

Get ready to give jobs to foreigners. Many still do not belong to Christ Jesus and therefore are outside the Kingdom of Heaven. But when they see that we have the blessing and the good testimony of honesty and fear of God, they will seek to know the Lord.

In Christ, with love

R. R. Soares

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God our Justice! As we are informed of who we are and have in Christ Jesus, we learn to serve You in the right way, following your Word, and enjoy of Your gifts.

Now, we know that You want to see foreigners working with us. Thus, our fame will grow in all the Earth. So we will no longer live the opposite, but we will give You due praise.

May the experts of the world join us! With Your blessing, there will be no limits to our victory in Christ. We will be responsible and we will assume what You offer us. Thank You for helping us and loving us!


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