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19/10/2020 - LORD OF OUR LIFE

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Let him turn away from evil and do good; Let him seek peace and pursue it.  1 Peter 3:11

If your heart is at peace, you will live what faith in Christ can do in your life and through you. Now the true Lord dwells in your being – His temple – dedicate yourself to loving Him. The enemy had stolen Christ’s place within you, but he was expelled, and you are now ready to start walking with God again. Amen?

This is the first message: depart from evil, remain as far away from it as possible. Never allow him to take over again. You, who were so near the eternal destruction of your soul, but had the opportunity to shut the window through which the enemy entered and corrupted your life, are now a new creature. Therefore, let the Lord guide your steps.

If you still have desires in your heart which are forbidden by the Word, turn away from them now. Otherwise, you will be excluded from the Lord’s blessings. Now, sin covers God´s face, thus, He does not hear us. Sin was taken away by Jesus; however, if you bring it back to the temple of the Holy Spirit, in addition to getting dirty, your attitude will provoke the sanctity of the Most High. Get right with God!

After turning away from the forces of darkness, do good, doing the same things Christ did in His days on Earth. In fact, God calls us to carry out the following order directed at those who believe: to cast out demons from people and to heal them both physically and morally. It´s time for us to obey this ordinance. The example set by the Savior must be followed.

Another matter of utmost importance for those who wish to do what is right in the eyes of the Most High is to seek peace. After all, the wall that separated was torn down. The peace to be sought is the communion that should always exist between us and God. If we fail to receive His guidance, we are at enmity with Him. But, if we are at peace with the Lord, He will answer us. See what separates you from the heavenly Father.

Once you find peace, you must follow it, so that the Lord can use you as He would like. Otherwise, you will never be an instrument in the divine work. While you were cultivating sin, thinking that what you felt came from God, He could not protect you or use you. But as soon as the things that separated you from the Almighty were removed, it was enough to follow peace.

Walk with the Lord and you will always be useful in His hands. Then you will see how good it is to be back in fellowship, to do God’s will and  let Him lead you. Your life will connect with the Almighty, so everything you ask for in the Name of Jesus will be done to you. Even a tree that denies its fruit will be struck with your determination. Watch and pray not to exceed. Halleluiah!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of our life! No word can explain how good it feels to be in communion with You. Now, we want to experience the best of Your presence. Thus, we will be used as You want in Your work.

Don´t leave us close to evil. We need to be away from him. This will be better for our survival here and in eternity. We are Yours and so we ask Your grace to do good as Jesus did.

May we always be at peace! Nothing will separate us from You. We want to be useful in Your work. May Your Holy Spirit, the Comforter, do Your good, pleasant and perfect will in us. We love you wholeheartedly. Thank You, Father!


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