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Be merciful to me, O God, for man would swallow me up; fighting all day he oppresses me. Psalm 56:1

David pleaded for the Lord’s mercy, saying that the man was trying to swallow him up. The peace that God gives us indicates that the problems we face have His permission and will result in victories (Romans 8:28).  There is no way for the enemy to oppress us, so we will fulfill the beautiful plan to save mankind. We are part of this perfect purpose, through which multitudes will be redeemed.

We must never forget that the Lord’s mercies are renewed every morning. Therefore, we can rest assured. Although we have sinned, it is possible to plead for His mercy, His forgiveness and Help, and we will be answered (1 John 1:9). The faithfulness of the Almighty will never fail. This is the truth: without the merciful and loving gaze of Heaven, we will get nowhere. We are nothing without Him!

King Saul hunted David as if he were a malefactor, a public enemy of Israel. The Lord never let the will of man prevail against His anointed. Now, by doing the Creator’s will, the future king was always protected. In our days, the same has happened to those who take their place in the Master’s work. It is good to act under the heavenly guidance found in the Word.

David could not find time for anything, because not only did he have to take care of himself and his growing family, but he also had 600 men that were part of his private army. It was a big “payroll,” not to mention the food that the monarch had to provide for everyone. Leaders can accomplish great things when they allow themselves to be governed by the Holy Spirit. Don’t do something where God cannot be by your side!

The future king was not a thief, nor did he enter the peasants’ farms to demand payment, so as not to molest them. However, in some cases, he asked them to help him. When he went to war against the invaders of Israel, he defeated them and took the significant spoils. He and his group strove to bear good witness, even though they sometimes went through hardships. The servants of the Most High discover that He is the good Shepherd, for they lack nothing (Psalm 23:1).

Having to hide from Saul was exhausting, and many times this obsessed king came close to David and his men. But by praying to God, the necessary deliverance occurred. Whoever walks by faith needs to remember that he must serve the Lord, without giving the enemy a chance to use him. The member of the Body of Christ – the Church – must have the necessary discretion to never cause shame or confusion to the Kingdom of the Lord.

David’s trust in the Judge of all the Earth was great. Had it not been for divine help, he would have fallen into the hands of the wicked king. Those days of running away, when David did not know where to take refuge, were like a seminar for him. Because of what he learned in the School of the Holy Spirit, we received a lot of useful instructions. God is good!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of unending mercies! We need You to overcome, for You are Refuge and Fortress; a very present Help in tribulation. There is no reason for anyone to stop doing Your work, for no matter how severe the crisis is, You are faithful!

It doesn't matter how many are spying on us, running after us, to see if they can accuse us. By serving You, we present ourselves with the ability to give no room to the devil. You are the Wall of Fire protecting us!

Whoever seeks our end will never find it, because we have already died in Christ Jesus. We live today by faith in Him; nothing will stop us or make us suffer. With Your help we will face battalions and emerge victorious. To You be honor and glory!


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